I don’t have much to say today at all because I’m doing what I love: watching the Olympics!!! So, Happy Valentine’s Day to them and me!

happy-valentines-dayThis us how involved with my beloved Olympics I am—I got the day that Valentine’s Day falls on wrong! I had it on my editorial schedule as tomorrow, so I would have totally missed it! And do you know how I found-out that Valentine’s Day is today? A story on the Olympics old me, of course! (By the way, I absolutely know that this special day is February 14—I just got the day wrong that the date falls on!)

As many of you know by now, I don’t feel that anyone has to do anything special at all for this manufactured “holiday.” If you have a significant other, you should let them know you love them every day! If you read all the horrific things that happen in the world on a daily basis, as I do in the Daily Mail, you’ll realize that you have to make the most of every moment in life.

sketchy-hearts-579be9955f9b589aa98c282dAnd if you’re single at the moment, that’s no biggie, either. Just hang by yourself or with pals, and remember that tomorrow it will all be over. And then go and buy some slashed-price Valentine candy to feel triumphant over the fake love day.

Now I have to get back to watching sports. Maybe to celebrate the day, Mr. X will even watch all the proceedings with me. That would, indeed, be special!

Whether or not you’re joining me in my Olympics-watching, I wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day! And no matter who else cares about you, please know that I really do love everyone who reads this e-zine. I sincerely mean that!


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