Is it just me, or did Thanksgiving come upon us way too fast this year? (It’s actually falling on the third earliest date possible. It can be as late as Nov. 28th, so it is a bit early this year.)

As always, I have lot to give Thanks for, as I hope we all do. It may be a tad hard to feel grateful right about now in America, with the fool who was just elected to be our President for the next four years, so we all just have to focus on our own personal gratitudes.

1443629877317We should concentrate on the blessings we do have, whether they be in the categories of health, family, friendships, love life, career, or even small shallow ones, (such as I have,) like having good hair and nails!!! (And don’t think for one second that I don’t seriously give thanks for those on a daily/nightly basis!)

I’m worried that most normal Americans may not be able to give thanks for our freedoms much longer. I along with the popular majority of U.S. voters, are living in dread about that. But at least we can try to enjoy the next month and a week of having the brilliant and charming President Obama in office.

And let’s all try to pull together to make the next four years be not as horrible, and dangerous, as we all fear they will be.

Hey—there’s another thing to be grateful for now—term limits! At least we can all try to do better next time around. If we even still have a country to save.

So, try to have a good Thanksgiving tomorrow, no matter what. Go stuff yourselves! And dream of 2020! (And let’s all hope that we have vision to match that year!)

Happy Thanksgiving!


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