Happy St. Paddy’s Day, everyone! Did you all notice that I wrote “PaDDy’s” instead of “PaTTy’s” this time? That’s because…I literally just found-out that…that’s the way it’s supposed to be! I learned it from the stars of Belfast, by the way.

Karen Salkin on a previous  St. Paddy's Day, rocking all her green, including eye make-up!  Photo by Mr. X.

Karen Salkin on a previous
St. Paddy’s Day, rocking all her green, including eye make-up! Photo by Mr. X.

Irish actors Caitriona Balfe and Jamie Dornan were on Jimmy Kimmel Live on successive nights recently, and they explained it, Jamie a bit better than Catriona. He said it’s St. Paddy’s because the correct name of the saint the day is named for is…Pádraig! (In Irish, it’s actually Lá Fhéile Pádraig.) Somewhere along the way, it became St. Patrick. But that’s too long a tale for this space, so if you’re as curious as I was when I discovered the error on most of our parts, I heavily suggest researching the topic.

Another false conception by Americans about this holiday is that we’re supposed to eat corned beef and cabbage, which we’ve all come to believe is sort-of the official fare of the day. But guess what? Those two stars never had it! Jamie didn’t even know what corned beef is!!! They both literally crinkled-up their noses at the thought!

So now I’m looking to make some Irish friends by next year at this time, so they can school me on how to do fun correctly on this day.

One thing that will not change, however, is the “legend” that if you neglect to rock some green on St, Patrick’s Day, you’re liable to get pinched!

That’s right—wearing at least a wee* bit of the shamrock color is the major rule of the day! (But, as I often remind the dentally-challenged, having green teeth does not count!)

Green jewely, nails, and sweater on Karen Salkin, of course! Photo by Mr. X.

Green jewely, nails, and sweater on Karen Salkin, of course! Photo by Mr. X.

So I never take any chances. Plus—it’s always tons of fun to play dress-up! I’ve already polished my nails green, (it never hurts to be uber-prepared,) I have my shamrock earrings at the ready, and all of my green outfits are laid-out. (Yes, I have been known to change a few times on this date, to give all my green attire its fair share of attention.)

Once I’m all in my green habiliment and ready to rock on this St. Paddy’s Day, I hope to whip-up some green (in a good way) snacks. Perhaps I’ll bake a lovely minty-green Grasshopper Pie. And, of course, I’ll be performing an Irish jig in the kitchen as I work! [Note: The picture at the top is of part of a St. Patrick’s Day tea I threw for my mother in Brooklyn, many years ago. Photo by Karen Salkin.]

St. Patrick’s Day is one holiday that’s fun for everyone, even the non-Irish. So have a wee* blast today! (And tonight, too, of course.) *[Note: The Irish call everything “wee,” not just small things.]

I’m ending with an Irish blessing for all of you, which is very apropos for today:

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow.
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.

I wish you all a very fun and very safe and very Happy St. Paddy’s Day!


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