Let’s all try to celebrate like this is the last day of 2015, before our country went to complete chaos! Now we can have one more day of semi-happiness before the constant state of worry begins for all of us normal folks.

I usually don’t look too far ahead in life, (rather, just forward to fun events,) but I found myself trying to imagine just what I’ll have to write on this page next year at this time. I just hope that the incoming administration of buffoons and dangers hasn’t gotten us into another World War by then.

10418311_556393501130093_4143189023291263077_nOkay, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, so I better lighten the mood up a taste, with a little bit of gratitude. Despite the upcoming shame for America, I think we all should take a minute to look back over our past year, and find something, anything, to be grateful for. It’s a wonderful, (and in many cases, necessary,) year-end exercise, one that I try my best to practice every year.

My two main areas of thankfulness are these:

Firstly, my stroke doctor recently told me that I’m not getting worse, which may not sound like much, but, trust me, it is! I went from being told in October that I most likely needed brain surgery right away, to just now learning that, by some medically-unexplained miracle, my brain is getting enough blood! He said I’m not any better than I was a year ago, but that I’m not worse is major news! So, thanks to everyone out there who has been praying for me, sending good thoughts, and even doing voodoo to get me better! I soooo appreciate it all!

My other area of gratitude is that I had an absolutely wonderful, fabulous, very successful trip to New York this Fall. I was dreading it like you cannot believe—even working on the airline reservation was making me sick, as always. But the planning was even worse than usual—it was so bad that I joked that I might rather be having the brain surgery, just to get out of having to organize that trip! (Shame on me for that. But I promise–I immediately bit my tongue!) [Note: It was my first time in New York ever that I did not have my own house and car. And wasn’t even staying in Brooklyn!!! Those were all very scary conditions to me.] But, as I’m sure you gleaned from all my glowing reviews of my adventures on the east coast, my three works there could not have been any better! For all of that wonderfulness, I’m the most grateful to Manny Greitzer, Sheila Tracy, Lauren Bennett, Barbara Burton Stewart, Judy Rothman, Norah Lawlor, Roger Gindi, and all the PR people I worked with along the way. I really can’t thank them all enough!

imagesSo, to keep the positive vibes going, I’m sharing my special New Year’s “good luck” trick with you, which you have to do on January 1. Ready? Here it is: For good luck for the next year, you have to eat black-eyed peas on the first day of it. (Obviously, not enough Americans did it on the first day of 2016! So, please, let’s all try to do better this year!) The peas can be canned, frozen, fresh, whatever. (Is there even such a thing as fresh ones?) You can eat as many or as few as you like. (Trust me—it will be few!) You can do so in any which what way, (which is something my dear old talent manager used to say,) but I just heat them up a bit in the microwave, add a drop of seasoned salt, and choke those tasteless babies down. And they’re actually good for you, too! So you’re doing a favor for your body, as well as your soul. Just go for it.

I wish you all a very happy, festive, and most of all, safe New Year’s Eve tomorrow! And a fun, relaxing New Year’s Day on Sunday.

I hope to meet you all here again next year. (That’s my usual dumb joke meaning this Monday.) See you then! [Note: Actually, make that Tuesday—I need the extra day off!]

Happy New Year!


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