I’m so not prepared for it to be a new year!!! (Hence the “ugh” in the title.)

pngtree-colorful-happy-new-year-2023-celebration-typography-design-with-balloons-png-image_6109655This is that time where just about everybody posts/sends messages of positivity. I think they all mean it, but within a few days, the negativity begins. And they all start looking to the next year for everything to be all right. Fools.

So let’s get to my not uplifting, but very honest, thoughts first. And then, do-gooder that I am, I’ll make a feeble attempt at bringing the room back up.

We all look to the new year for a fresh start. But please realize that our problems don’t magically just go away at the stroke of midnight on *December 31st. (I’m reminding myself more than anyone.) *[Note: Technically, it’s midnight on January 1st, but I just mean at the exact end of the year.]

Yes, we can semi-relax on January 1, and have brunch and watch football and vow to see all our pals again really soon and often for the next twelve months. But then reality sets back in on January 2, as it did for me, and I assume many of you, yesterday. I already have tons of notes regarding issues that I need to address right away, as soon as everyone is back to work. (And, I had to work already, on the 1st and 2nd, writing this!)

january 14 BirthdaysOnce I get used to that it’s a new year, and the holidays are over, (well, most of the big ones, anyway—the biggest one is coming up shortly, on January 14th, which is…my birthday, of course!!!,) I can get back into real life, and just go on about my business. I just wish that things like health insurance, gathering donations for tax credits, gift certificates, and supermarket coupons, didn’t have that December 31st expiration date! That makes the last couple of days of the year way too stressful for crazy procrastinators such as myself! We don’t get to enjoy that supposed time off. Oh well.

Now, as promised, let me try to bring the room back up.

One philosophical famous friend called to wish me happy new year, and I told him that I get depressed at endings, even though I know that life is really on a continuous loop. And he reminded me that “we made it up,” meaning the calendar.  (Well, I assume that’s what he meant—his mind is on such a different plane that sometimes it’s tough to figure out exactly what he’s saying.) I think that actually cheered me up a tad.

Here's an uplifting wish.

Here’s an uplifting wish.

So even though January is just the next month in that loop, if re-starting anything helps your soul, it’s always a good thing. So please always still look at it that way. New is always usually good.

If you still have a few days off this week, maybe try to clean out those closets, start writing your book, begin a new diet or exercise program, and best yet—volunteer. For anything. It’s so satisfying. Take advantage of this new (most likely temporary) optimistic energy, and get going.

And yes, do make plans with friends, long-lost or otherwise. Maybe 2023 is the year it will all stick! (And if not, there’s always next year to try to get it all going again.)

happy-new-year-2023-with-balloons-hd-png-11668384388jn1dlfckrxAll of this is to remind you, (and me,) to try your best to be positive and do everything you can to fulfill your New Year’s wishes, while remembering to not get too down on yourselves if that energy fades soon. Try to keep in mind that that’s what January is for. (And that January is also to celebrate my bday! Have I mentioned that?)

And no matter what, let me begin my new year here on ItsNotAboutMe.TV by wishing all of you a super safe, successful, and Happy New Year!


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