This one will be short and sweet because I have to go pack to fly to New York on Mother’s Day to see my own little mother! Shamefully, I haven’t spent that day with her since 1994, so I’m really excited to do it this year. (She sees her other children on that day, so don’t feel bad for her. But you can feel bad for me because I always feel terrible about it.) I usually don’t visit in May because I’m there in April and July, but this year, I figured it was about time.

Water color miniature painting by the fabulous May Rose Salkin.

My mother’s not a baby at all about any holidays. She’s thrilled when people acknowledge her, and loves to receive dolls, and cream puffs, for any occasion, but she never wants anyone to hassle. My father was the same way, so I have no idea where I get my love for all things holiday from. And if it involves gifts to me, all the better.

So, anyway, I want to wish every mother a wonderful day. And, if you’re someone who’s celebrating a mom this week-end and, like I, still haven’t shopped, you should check-out my Gift Ideas column from the other day. At the very least, maybe you can get a head start on Father’s Day!

To every good female in the world, Happy Mother’s Day, whether you’re officially one or not. Even if you don’t have children, you can always be a mutha!


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