I came back from New York for this week-end, even though I had a fun one planned in the Hamptons. But I wanted to get back to LA and re-group for activities to come in the next few weeks. So, I’ll be using this week-end mainly to rest my broken back, that’s at the end of its rope from all the work I did on my Brooklyn house.

I honestly don’t know how I got through it all. But I did, with more than a little help from my friends! I couldn’t have done it at all without: Sheila, Lauren, Manny, Helen, Sharon, Betsy, Anna, Jeff, and Aaron.

I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and owe them each my first born. (Whom I’d be happy to give away if I had him or her, but I have a feeling none of them would want a kid with the potential to be as neurotic as he or she would!)

I have tons to tell you about New York, because I managed to fit in some activities around my work sked there, so please look for those columns beginning next week.

I’ll be taking this week-end easy, but if you go out and have fun, I remind you to drive safely.

I wish you all a wonderful Memorial Day Week-end, no matter what you wind-up doing.


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