I have a feeling that most of us don’t observe Memorial Day as the solemn occasion it really should be. Rather, it’s yet another three-day holiday where we can begin to celebrate summer. (That’s the reason for the “happy” and “week-end” in the title above.)

This day has never been kind to me. I haven’t had a good one for at least eighteen years, I think. I don’t know why. None of my pals ever want to do anything for it, and unless I put something together, no one does. And, even in my clubbing days, when we had a party before every holiday, (or so it seemed,) this one just always felt like it had some kind of pain built-in.

It’s never failed to disappoint me. Which is what I’m used to by now, so I never have any expectations of it.

And that’s also why I don’t have many suggestions for, or funny stories of, Memorial Day celebrations. If you can’t think of something fun to do, why not just go with spring cleaning? Or sports watching? I have a feeling I’ll try to combine the two, along with clearing my DVR, and hopefully packing for my next New York trip, which comes up in less than two weeks.

Or maybe we all should all just sit and reflect on those we’ve lost, which is really the purpose of this holiday to begin with. I know I’ll be thinking of my little mother, which I do every day anyway. And Clarence, too, of course.

However any of us choose to spend our time this week-end, fingers crossed that, for all of us, this one will be more fun. Or productive. Or just peaceful.

I wish you all a happy, and especially safe, Memorial Day week-end.


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