In looking over my archives here on INAM, it appears that I rarely celebrate this upcoming holiday week-end with you in this e-zine!

40808613_10156972693850676_5868206639634448384_nSo let me do that right now. I love that Labor Day isn’t one of the heavy ones; its purpose is to honor all the workers in this country, which is just about all of us. So, don’t feel guilty if you have a barbecue, or go to a fair, or just chillax—you deserve it! (Just for doing the work of reading INAM, anyway!)

But this year, some of us will also be calling it “Gleyber Day,” which is how most of this season’s Yankees games have come to be known. For you non-sports fans, Gleyber Torres is one of the young Yanks who has been absolutely on fire this season. So, with Labor Day just about upon us, some of the MLB commentators have been referring to each time Gleyber gets a home run as “Gleyber Day.” And now I keep hearing it in my head as I’m writing this. [Note: “Gleyber” is pronounced “Glabor.”]

And that sports reference should give you a clue as to just how I will be celebrating. I most likely will be doing nothing but watching every second of the US Open, as I’ve been doing all week long. And trust me—that is work! A ton of it.

Gleyber Torres of the New York Yankees.

Gleyber Torres of the New York Yankees.

So you know what else I just this minute decided to do? I’m going to take the entire week as my vacay, not just the actual Monday day off! How about that?! I never take a week off from writing this e-zine! I think I did once, when I was traveling. But since I really do labor every day, this is my chance to honor that work with an extra four days off. Yay! I’m so glad I just thought of it! (Now let’s find-out if I can really stick to that plan—my mind is constantly writing.)

But I will still be tweeting, especially about the tennis. So if you don’t already follow me on Twitter, this is a great time to do it. I’m @MajorCelebrity, (of course.)

Whether you join me in that week-long leisure, or just have fun this week-end into Monday, I wish you all a fun, relaxing, or exciting, (or all three rolled into one!,) holiday. And, most importantly, a safe one. And please remember to return to INAM the following Monday! I’m sure I’ll have lots to spill by then!


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