It’s always a tad bittersweet when this holiday rolls around. It’s a festive three-day week-end for most people, but it also represents the unofficial end of summer. It’s sort-of a last hurrah for many working folks.

Hence, those are the people who are to be celebrated—the work force!

Labor-Day-SalesI, too, always want to join in on the fun aspect of this holiday week-end, (yes, I do work my butt off, even though it might not seem that to some who just observe my glamorous life from the outside,) but, alas, once again, it comes in the middle of the US Open, which means that I don’t like to leave the house, even to party. (Wow—how’s that for a run-on sentence?! Sorry, Mom.)

This time of year is always a conundrum for me—two years ago, I was invited to three fun pool parties over Labor Day week-end. I was very torn as to what to do—attend them and be way behind in my tennis-watching, (which my linear-thinking mind must do in a row,) or go have fun and then make myself crazy by staying up over the next few nights to catch-up! But luckily for me that year, I had cracked ribs and found it hard to get off the couch, anyway. (What a supreme example of “glass half-full!”) But I still regret missing those fetes, especially since two of those pals haven’t had any since! (Or just did not invite moi, which can’t possibly be the case, right?)

rsz_labor-day-picnic-clip-art-picturesSo, we’ll all find-out together just what I come up with this year. If it’s anything fabulous, (or awful!,) you know that you’ll be reading about it right here.

So, I wish you all a fabulous, and safe, Happy Labor Day Week-end. I hope that whatever you come up with to do for it, it will be a fun, exciting, and/or relaxing, (or any combo of those situations,) three-day week-end for you. I’ll meet you all back here on Tuesday. And, no matter what you do, don’t work too hard!!! (Hear that, Mr. X? You need to take a break from re-surfacing the entire deck all by your lonesome!!!)


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