I’m spending Halloween in New York again! I just hope that people here will be more fun for one of my favorite holidays of the year than they are in LA. But the one I spent here three years ago was ab fab, so I’m hoping for more of the same.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo, of a display in Bucks County, Pennsylvania three years ago, by Karen Salkin, as is the big one at the top of this page, of a previous NYC Halloween Parade.

Yes, I do know that Halloween is tomorrow, not today, but I’m discussing it now, so that we can all get a jump on it.

Halloween being on a Thursday can be a tad weird because most party-throwers-and-goers like to celebrate on a week-end. But doing so this coming week-end would not be a great choice because once November 1st hits, everyone’s attention turns to Thanksgiving, leaving Halloween in the rear-view mirror. (And here in New York, Sunday is the New York Marathon, and it’s also the morning we put the clocks back an hour, so people have other events to occupy their minds.) But partying five nights before the holiday seems almost as wrong.

So I say—let’s all celebrate tomorrow, on real Halloween! Live it up, (perhaps by watching one of the uber-crazy parades, such as the one here in New York, where you will most likely find moi tomorrow night,) and then get back to serious life on Friday.

A current display on the Upper East Side. Photo by Karen Salkin.

A current display on the Upper East Side. Photo by Karen Salkin.

By the way—I already had a very scary event this trip—my high school reunion!!! OMG. (That’s all I’m saying for now; perhaps I’ll tell you about it down the road.)

No matter what you do to celebrate tomorrow, I WISH YOU A SUPER-FUN, SUPER-SPOOKY, SUPER-SAFE, AND SUPER-HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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