As much as I love Halloween, the only real significance it has for me this year is that I’m getting my stitches out today!!! But that should be gory enough, especially because I had two surgeries in one on my left hand. I’m actually dreading getting the stitches removed because that procedure was painful on my right hand, and the left has at least double the number of stitches. Hey, how’s that for a scary Halloween story?

I did actually write a fun Halloween column two years ago, and it’s so fun, I hope you’ll re-visit it today here:

Here's a good Halloween look! Does anyone recognize those baby blues? Photo by Lucia Singer.

Here’s a good Halloween look! Does anyone recognize those baby blues? Photo by Lucia Singer.

In the meantime, I’m going to once again help out at the Halloween Party for Downtown L.A. Kids, like I have done for the past for three years. I love seeing all the clever costumes on the little kids. And even though most of them haven’t been taught by their parents to say “thank you” when we hand out the cotton candy and popcorn, I’m always thrilled when one of the tykes is polite. It gives me a tiny drop of hope for the future. [Note: Parents—you all need to teach your children this poem that I taught to all my elementary school kids when I was a teacher:

“Hearts, like doors, will ope with ease
To two little words, and the words are these:
Thank you sir, and if you please!”

Okay, okay—I know that those are each more than two words, but hopefully your kids will get the right idea of polite behavior, even if it’s the wrong idea of how to count!!!]

If I do go to the party, I just can’t decide what I should dress as this year. I’ve been a slice of pizza for the past two years, and even though I really hate repeating, I can’t believe how excited these kids get when they see me! They always scream, “Look Ma, pizza!!!” Then the parents get excited, too, because they think that they’re about to actually eat some pizza, rather than just look at my costume! Even I get hungry! (They may not serve pizza, but they do serve free hot dogs, carrots, cotton candy, popcorn,…and lots of candy!)

My other favorite costume of recent Halloweens is my flasher one. It’s actually pretty hilarious, but I’m afraid I’d get arrested being in a park full of children with that one, so I’m pretty sure I need to pass on it for this particular soirée.

Then I have some other clever costumes, both tried and true and just concepts in my mind right now, but I think those, too, might gear it more towards adults. They need some adult thought processes and life experiences to get, and I don’t want to leave the kids out.

Or, I could just keep my hands bandaged, (which they are going to be anyhow, even with the stitches having just come out,) and add bandages to the rest of me and go as a mummy. Or, as a fighter! Or maybe I’ll add some eyeblack to my already dark circled eyes, (from having barely slept for the past three and a half months,) and go as the fighter who lost. Or, I can just put on a hospital gown, leave my hands as is, and go as a surgery patient, which at this point I’m pretty adept at being.

Okay, enough about my potential costumes for tonight. I have to stop writing about it and go plan it.

And, if you’ll be in the downtown area tonight and want to bring your kids to this safe, happening party, here are the details:

And no matter what you do today and tonight, I wish you all a super-fun, and super-safe, and super-happy Halloween!


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