I always feel that I neglect the dads out there on their special days. I lost my father about a dozen years ago, so I try to ignore this holiday. Plus, I was never into it to begin with; it’s just not colorful or pretty enough. And it’s hard to pick-put gifts for males.

In that category, please refer back to my most recent Gift Ideas column because it has a major one for dads:’s-day-and-father’s-day-gift-ideas. If you have any good suggestions, please let me know, and I can pass them on, on this site or personally.

At least give him a cake—that way you can eat some, too. Decorate it with a sports theme—that’s always manly…or for me! Or grill something up—that’s stereotypically manly. Maybe even Tom Sawyer him into doing it for the rest of the fam. According to lore, they won’t even mind.

So kids, please don’t ignore your papas—some of them are just as human as your moms!

And to all my male readers, fathers or not, I wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day!


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