I find that once again I have nothing to say about Father’s Day, but I don’t want to ignore it. I know too many fathers to whom I want to wish a good day, even if I don’t have my own, so here I am.

Wonder why this picture looks so weird?  It's a cake!

Wonder why this picture looks so weird? It’s a cake!

I’ve been racking my brain for weeks to come up with some new bon mots on the topic, but, for the first time ever, I got nothin’.

So, all I can think to do is to give you the link to my Father’s Day column from last. It contains my favorite story about my own father, one that I think is really interesting and heartwarming. I’m not going to improve upon it this year, so if you missed last year’s and want to smile, I hope you’ll check it out this time: (I just read it again myself, and got choked-up anew, even though I know it by heart!)

Other than that, I wish each and every sire the happiest of Father’s Days! And don’t burn the hot dogs.


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  1. I just read last year’s column and I’m tearing up myself! Not only because your dad had such tragedy in his life at such a young age but also because he was thoughtful enough to share his candy with the others on the ship. And on top of that, your mom was so sweet to give him a Whitman’s Sampler on special occasions and…”just because.” Not only is this a great Father’s Day story but also a very heartwarming human story.

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