I had a whole other column all written and drafted for today. I was about to press “Publish,” but then I realized that today is D-Day, and I just couldn’t print something frivolous on this day.

70th anniversary of D-Day campaignSo, not posting anything else is my own little tribute to D-Day. I have nothing clever to write about it; I just do want to acknowledge the day.

On a much more personal note, it’s also the date that my parents got married, without which I wouldn’t be here writing anything at all! So, of course, I’m always more than happy to celebrate today.

And, it might also be Brooklyn Day; I searched all over the web, but could not find out what date it is this year. It was on June 6 when they got married, and I believe it was the same last year, as well. But I don’t know if that goes by date or day; last year it was on a Thursday, so that might be the decider, like with Thanksgiving, as opposed to actual date, like Christmas.

It’s also at least one pal’s birthday, and the end of the week that contained several others.

Anyway, there you have it. Let’s go for a moment of silence for the veterans, and smiles for everything else that’s significant about this day.


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