Even more important than today being Groundhog Day, it’s one year since I hurt my back. That’s so strange to me. Very many of my pals, and even some readers I meet, have asked about it, which I really appreciate. But believe me, I by no means think that this is the worst problem in the world. It just colored my year.

The hair's way too short for this to be me, so don't get excited.

So, here’s the quick update. Much to Dr. Khurana’s, (my adorable surgeon) surprise, when I took my recent MRI, despite how “humongous” my herniated disk was, it’s pretty much dissolved with time! Good thing I’m scared of surgery because while I was working up my courage for the operation, it worked itself out. This is highly unusual, and I’m so grateful that I’m this much better.

But, unfortunately, I still have three problems with my lower back, the first one being my favorite. Dr. Khurana told me that I “don’t have enough fat!” Oh yeah–in my disk. But I love using the first half of that quote!

I think this is a disk, just not mine.

There’s also a little fracture from when I was a kid and a different issue on the left side, so I’ll never be pain-free. But I can also get away without immediate surgery and am not in danger of losing the use of my legs anymore. So, yay!

Mainly, I really want to thank the medical professionals who helped me through this ordeal: Dr. Sanjay Khurana, Dr. Gary Brazina, my old physical therapist Lori Skophammer, and my recent house calls acupuncturist Duane Law, not to mention the various doctors, nurses, and therapists who were kind enough to talk to me or read my MRI report and weigh-in. They all helped me manage somewhat.

And especially, I appreciate all of my many friends and acquaintances who made calls for me, gave me advice, brought me food, and had patience when we went somewhere and they had to carry my purse and me practically!

Dr. Khurana, who's actually much cuter than this, but his brain is all I care about.

Also, a big shout-out to Robyn Horwitz who talked me into returning to Dr. Khurana for the second visit. I had met with him for the first time in the throes of the excruciating pain and didn’t know anything about him, other than that Dr. Brazina, my long-time orthopedic doc, had introduced us and that he seemed nice. But I was too in pain to really pay attention to him, and this was my mobility we were talking about, so I looked around a bit.

But then I bumped into Robyn at a party, and she not only sang his praises, but broke down the structure of his medical group for me, so I knew exactly how well-thought of his whole team is. Her sage words convinced me to go see him again, and Mr. X and I saw right away just how wonderful, thoughtful, and honest he is. So, Dr. Khurana it is for me, though, knock on wood, no one needs to operate right now. But few doctors in my whole life have given me that kind-of time and respect, and I’m really grateful for his supreme kindness.

I’m glad this whole episode is basically in my rear-view mirror. Now, I just have to go through a few months of therapy, and then I can finally exercise again, and hopefully get back to looking like me! The most fun shallow news is that in about four months or so, if I take therapy seriously, I can finally wear heels again! I can’t wait for that. And I’m sure the Lakers are looking forward to that, too.



  1. Your acupuncturist duane law said that you were in a lot of pain after an accident. You gained a lot of weight and got really fat. But thanks to him you are healed.

    • That whole comment is a tad weird. No medical professional should be discussing his patients, to begin with. And he far from healed me; as a matter of fact, he gave up and said that acupuncture is not for me.

      And he doesn’t have a TV, so he had never seen me before to know whether or not I gained weight. But yes, since I have a broken back, I have gained weight, which I’m the first to admit. I wouldn’t say that I’m “really fat,” but I’m much better thin, and hope to be again after my impending surgery.

      I hope that clears it all up for u.


  2. I apologize. I thought this would be a private message to you. Did not know it would be public. Best of luck on your surgery.

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