So, I’m in New York now, and have been for the past two weeks. My precious little mother gave us quite a scare, but, knock on wood, she appears to be on the mend.

She’s still in rehab; not the kind that Charlie Sheen and half of Hollywood needs to be in, but the physical kind that people have to be in after lying in a hospital bed for awhile.

I really want to thank everyone who sent cards, emails, well wishes, and even good thoughts.  It’s all really meant a lot to us.  And to the people on both coasts who’ve really been there for us, especially the ones who’ve been picking up the pieces here in New York, I really appreciate everything you’ve done.

I’ve learned a lot from this experience, such as that a family member should always sleep in the hospital room with their loved one, but I’ll tell you guys all about it when it’s finally over. In case you need the advice before that though, the one very valuable lesson I can pass on to you is: don’t let the medical personnel push you around. Remember, they’re not the boss of you!

The other good news, besides that my mother appears to be out of the woods, knock on wood again, (think I’m superstitious much?,) is that I’ll be publishing new columns again. I don’t have time yet for daily ones, but I’ll get to as many as I can, beginning, I think, with Celebrity Sightings later on this week.

And I’m due to be guesting on an internet “radio” show in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll give you that information, as well, in the hopes that you can take the ten minutes to listen for my gossip.

At the moment, though, my main gossip is about what nurse said what to what aide in Coney Island here. Let’s hope it gets better than that before my appearance on the show. Knock on wood. Duh.



  1. Hi Karen
    I am absolutely thrilled that your mom is feeling better! It is a great news and I’ll take it as my birthday present :) (today, 8/11) I wish her full recovery to be easy and speedy.
    Much love,

  2. Kar,
    I’m so happy to hear your mom is doing better )
    (knock wood ) she is in my prayers and I look forward to hearing more good news soon!

  3. kathie- floriida on

    Give my love to Mom, I am praying for her recovery. You go girl, stay on top of things as we daughters do. Kisses for you and mom.

  4. Jill Parker Landsman on

    Hope that you shared the card that I sent with your mom.
    Tell her to get better soon. YOur post is heartwarming.
    We do have great mothers. Your mom has ALWAYS been an inspiration to me BTW.
    Luv ya BFF always, Jill

  5. Best alohas to your MOM and best wishes for a SPEEDY recovery. I know these are such trying times but it makes you a better person???? Anyway that is the old adage along with what doesn’t kill ya cure ya??? They are steeped in sentiment and personal resonance to be sure.

    You will need a Maui vacation when you retreat from that coast…WOW!

    And you are so right about the hospital staff. I recall when my sweet Dad was just weeks away from passing from cancer and in a great deal of pain. I kept asking the doctor to increase his morphine and the jerk actually said, “I don’t want him to get adicted.” I finally grabbed him by his stupid tie and shook him and said, “Three weeks of addiction does not a lifetime make you idiot!’ I got the morphine. I think they have just repeated the robot response for so long that it gets to be a mantra to dull the brain or they have sniffes to much stuff there and it has rotted their brain cells.

    Anyway just know that our hearts and prayers are with you and candles are being lit for you all. A HULI O Jann

  6. I had no idea your Mom was sick. So glad to hear she’s doing better. I agree about the medical profession. I also believe you have to take charge and make your own decisions. Please keep in touch and let me know how she is progressing.

    Much love Carolyn

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