One of my favorite features of my show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, was the give-aways. I did them as often as I could. My love for them was two-fold: firstly, I loved to reward my loyal viewers with fun gifts, and secondly, I was happy to give free publicity to good companies, especially new ones who had no advertising budget.

They usually brought the mirth of my show to a stand-still for a few minutes, because they more often than not were serious items, and, as much as I wanted to keep the laughter going, I didn’t want any humor I was creating about the products to be misconstrued as mockery. But I didn’t mind the laughter break–I wanted the winners to get what the items they desired and enjoy them.

I’ve always longed to continue my tradition of give-aways on this site, but just couldn’t figure out the best way to do that. Now, I have my webmaster and a friend who’s very knowledgeable in these types of things working on it, and we’ve got it 90% set. So, we’re hoping to bring you the first one in June, when I return from New York.

The one rule I can tell you now is that they will be in effect for just the day that particular give-away is posted, so please remember to check back daily. We’ll give you the description of the item and let you know just how many are being given away. And then the first of you who respond are the winners, until all the items are spoken for. There will be more specific details with each one.

I’m so excited to be doing this for my loyal readers, just like I did for my loyal viewers. So, thanks for always hanging in there with me, and get ready to win!


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