[Note: each Emmys Suite gets its own column, in random order this time, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. (All the Celeb Sightings will be in their own column next week.) So, please make sure to check back each day this week to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the first of four.]

I started Suites Week off at Wow Creations, held this time in the Penthouse of the Luxe Rodeo Drive Hotel in Beverly Hills.

As guests stepped off the elevator right into the Penthouse, we were greeted by one of the twin Harris brothers, who immediately bestowed several gifts, including wine and gourmet coconut peanut butter. Then we moved on to visiting all the gift tables.

Tata Harper's peaceful display. All photos by Karen Salkin.

One interesting note here: there were some male sponsors, but this time, by some coincidence, most were female. And beautiful ones at that! They were usually in pairs, and from all different locations in North America. I love that two handsome male twins found several attractive female duos to feature!

Anyhow, here are the highlights of the gifts at the suite:

Tata Harper—the girls repping this upscale skincare line looked the part, which I always appreciate. We just hope we wind-up looking as good as they do when we use the product line!

Baubles Bags and Bows—these classy, colorful jewelry cases are the nicest ones we’ve ever seen! They have many convenient compartments, while looking like a gift-wrapped present.

B. Foxy Jewelry—I immediately recognized this fun costume jewelry collection from the last Wow Suite. They have so many sparkly designs in everything from rings to earrings to big necklaces, that it was hard for guests to each choose just one item.

Beauty Gram—these girls from Canada have the right idea—send someone a special gift chock full of beauty products! And each gift includes tea and chocolates. It actually made us go, “Ahhh,” when we opened the attractive pink box.

Lovesque—these really attractive tops can be casual or dressy, which is perfect for all women. It would have been perfect for a day that I had recently, when I was wracking my brain of how to go from a daytime casual event to a classy evening fashion show, (which you can read about here next week.)

Botanicals For Hope—with, unfortunately, a couple of pals going through cancer treatments now, (I was happy to hear Julia Roberts mention one of them on Stand Up To Cancer earlier this month,) I was grateful to discover these skin care products developed by “a cancer patient who sought relief for the dry, irritated, and sensitive skin she developed as the direct result of her breast cancer treatments.” I’m sure the ladies I know will appreciate them.

Dual Bottle—I wish they had these when I was in school! It’s two (dual–duh) BPA-free colorful plastic bottles with an ice pack in the middle! For kids (and grown-ups, too,) who want to carry two beverages, as I always do. (At some restaurants, I wind-up with four on the table at once! And none are alcoholic!)

Life Extensions—we were happy to meet this medical doctor who told us about alternative solutions to health problems. We thought it was great that he includes all options, which many narrow-minded others don’t. And to that end, he was gifting goodie bags that contained vitamins, face creams, and my seriously favorite gift of all—giant weekly pill cases!!!

Cutie Pies—we had worked up an appetite by the time we got to the seated lounge area, so we were happy to see these tasty treats, which are perfect for the upcoming holidays. They’re pies on sticks! We’ve never seen anything like them. There were shapes for Halloween and Xmas, as well as traditional ones in two mini-sizes.

On to the next one tomorrow, so please remember to check back then!


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