With this week’s slew of Oscars Gifting suites, I figure it’s time to write-up a few items that didn’t make it into the previous round of my suites coverage. So, here are some that I feel you should know about. [Note: all are from GBK, except for Twisted Silver.]



OMG–I looove this bracelet! When I saw the table of them at the GBK suite, my mouth literally started watering. The stones are all so beautiful, and the combinations in each design took my breath away.

When I checked into them more, I found-out that these are natural healing energy bracelets, and each one is for something different, so you can choose on looks or life goal. Or both. I was at first drawn to the one for good health, for obvious reasons, but with my back already on the mend, knock on wood, I chose Serenity because it’s the one thing I’ve always found elusive, no matter how grateful for everything in my life I am.

And each comes with a message. The one for Serenity states: “Wear this bracelet and choose to be calm. Let yourself be taken quietly by the carefree energy of letting things unfold as they may.” Wow–that’ll be a first for me, eh? (That last part is my homage to the company being in Canada.)

And once I placed it on my wrist, I knew I had made the correct choice, although my dream now is to own all the magnificent Essence bracelets! (Believe me, I need assistance in every direction. Do they have one for weight loss ?)

I have to give a shout-out to the packaging, too. I get many packages all the time, but none put together better than this one. It was like a treasure hunt! First, we opened the outside packaging. Then there was a small gold box with a ribbon. When we opened that, there was a little silver tin. Inside that was a material bag and inside that, the bracelet. No need to worry about how it will arrive if it’s a gift! They even included a small shiny white gift bag. It felt like Christmas all over again!

I used to host a jewelry shopping show on a satellite network many years ago, and this Essence bracelet made me wish I still did. It’s one item I can honestly sing the praises of!



As with most topics I write about, I researched Elysee Cosmetics to see what they were all about. I was surprised to find-out that this company has been around since the 1920s! The list of ingredients they introduced is an education unto itself. So, I really feel that their signature YouthSpan line is definitely worth a try.

And it’s straightforward–no weird things to do. Just using the basic four-item routine seems easy enough. I can’t wait. Now I just need them to invent something for people who have, shall we call it “petite”(?), chins. My lack of jaw line has become the bane of my existence. At least I no longer focus on my nose!

I’ll try to remember to let you know the results in about a month. But if you see me around town looking like my teen-age self, you’ll know it worked!



I missed stopping by Twisted Silver display at the Valentine Suite earlier this month, and felt terrible that I had left-out a sponsor. Hearing that the designer was so nice, we got in touch and I checked-out her site. She has every category of jewelry, and it’s all very hip and happening. Not to mention absolutely affordable!

Together we chose three pieces that I love! [Note: I’m not a pig who asked for three items–she was kind enough to send them to surprise me.] My favorite is a Flowerdome cocktail ring. It’s the height of hipness today. I’m planning to wear it to all my Oscar parties this week-end.

Although I’m not usually a necklace person, the Mod necklace looks great on me, which means it would look good on anyone. I can totally picture it on Adam Lambert. It’s the first cool necklace I’ve ever had that’s long enough to not stop right on my giant chest, which I’ve always hated, so, yay. (Their site’s description is better than I could ever do on this piece: “Try a thick silver rectangle surrounded by a delicate bangle on a delectably delicate, adjustable silver chain: A modern contrast worth a double take.”)

The Glacier earrings, which are antique-patterned silver with Swarovski crystals dangling down, are exactly my cup of tea. Best part is that, since they’re all from the same designer, I can wear all three new pieces together. Now, that’s what I call a gift!



When I saw that these products were from a “ line of cosmetics designed for the younger set,” I knew it was for me! One of my classier friends thinks my clothing is “too junior”–she should see my taste in make-up!

Jane is a brand you can get in most drugstores around the country, but I usually forget to check them out. So, I was happy to have this opportunity do to just that, and I’m very happy with the results.

They have products in every category. I love the gel eyeliner. I never tried it before, but now I’m hooked. And, I don’t know how I ever applied bronzer without their kabuki brush before.




Peter Lamas is a hair expert, with tons of his own, which is always good to see. Since I know several follically-challenged gents, I was happy to receive his line of hair-growth products, derived from Chinese herbs.

Peter tells us that said herbs have been “used for centuries to stimulate and energize weak hair and scalp.” If they work, I’m going to send some to Manu Ginobili, who plays for the San Antonio Spurs, because if there’s anything that’s hard to watch in the NBA, it’s a white player rocking a meat yarmulke.



This colorful line of skins for iPhones originally attracted me because of the cute stuffed animals and tiny figures they were featuring at the suite. And, since I feel the world has gone absolutely technology-crazy, I was really hoping to receive one of the toys, rather than techno-helpers. Very mature and 2011 of me, right?

But it’s the skin I wound-up with, so Mr. X is using it. The only problem is that it feels so fabulous, we can’t stop touching it! I may have to break down and get my own iPhone just to use their signature eyeball skin myself! Oh no! What’s to become of my old school sensibilities? 


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