This was my second trip to Jayneoni Moore’s suite that’s all about babies, children, and expectant moms. Though I’m technically none of those, I am the biggest baby I’ve ever met. Well, except for my friend Marcus Josselyn, who was born in May weighing over 12 lbs!!!

Seriously, even without kids, I really enjoy this suite. I marvel at all the new parenting innovations. And it’s nice to see families walking around together. This year, it was in a ballroom at the Century Plaza Hotel, which made it really easy to get to all the sponsors. I’m going to tell you about as many as I can.

Gondola Tote–Not only is this attractive bag the most comfortable carryall ever, (I seriously forgot I was wearing it on my shoulder at the suite, while all the others were weighing me down,) but the designer, Jill Cartwright, must be the most pleasant sponsor in the history of suites! If she lived in LA, I’d have to make her my new bff.

Cordie Cakes–I had only a few bites of these delicious cakes, but that was enough to make me book them for my next party! Yum!!! Their website is mouth-watering, as well.

Fat Tie Shirts–This was the other find of the suite to me! They’re the cutest boys’ clothing I think I’ve ever come across. They’re cotton shirts with ties sewn on. And their clever motto is “It’s for kids who mean business!” Even the funniest-looking kid would be adorable in them.

Little Yellow Chick–Absolutely adorable everything-that-begins-with-“B.” (Blankets, bibs, bedding, bonnets, bloomers.) I checked-out the blankets which are cozy, colorful, and creative. Just in case they move up the alphabet to “C”s.

AbdoMend–C Section recovery kits, invented by a caring massage therapist from Hawaii. I wonder if they’ll hold my non-pregnant-yet-chubby stomach in?

Amy Tangerine Shirts–Amy is an actually person who dresses really cutely herself, so it makes sense that all her designs follow suit. She makes clothing for both sex children, and for women, too. This is how much I like her creations–I chose a tee-shirt with the word “lemonade” on it, when I hate anything lemon!

img_6554Child To Cherish– This booth had the most mouth-watering display–it was all beautiful baby gifts in lovely pastels. Trust me, I wanted the whole group for myself.

Dandelion–They gifted a lovely bag with “earth-friendly goods,” including natural tableware and an adorable stuffed bear. I could seriously feel the goodness of the product in his organic plush material.

img_65523Lubies Stuffed Animals–These adorable stuffed animals come in every variety, and I wanted the Mets and Yankees guys, from their MLB line, for myself!

Peekaboo Products–fabulous hand-made quilted nursing bibs, made by a lovely woman with an adorable baby herself.

Treasure Dough–Love this one! It’s a tub of play-dough with appropriate tiny toys hidden in it. (Jewelry for the princess one, sea creatures for the under-the-sea one, etc.) They can be re-hidden over and over again. Who doesn’t love buried treasure?

Icy Diamond Totes–A cute little insulated carrying-case. A small re-useable ice pack comes with it. Even if you don’t have children, this is perfect for the summer chocoholic. And lipsticks that melt then, too.

Bright Starts–This company gave out a bag of the most generous group of colorful baby toys.

Izzy Bitzy–cute onesies with celebs names, but in baby-speak, such as “Brad Spitt.” Very clever.

Kids In The Kitchen–One of the Chicken Soup For The Soul books, authored by Chef Antonio.

Vuka Energy Drinks–after an exhausting couple of hours at this suite, I really needed these energy drinks. Being from South Africa, the creators named it the Zulu word for “wake-up.” I love that! Even better, the helpful owner offered to watch my bags while I continued my suite journey! Now, that’s service.

Momo–this company makes everything from “bottles and bowls to bedding and footwear that is totally free of potential dangerous chemicals.” (Per their site.) And it’s all really attractive, too.

Episencial Products–these are baby skin care products that are “inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s favorite fruits.” (That’s a children’s book, for you non-moms…or teachers.) They’re presentation at the suite was very colorful and welcoming.

Smart Knit Kids–Socks with no seams or heels. I hope that they make these for grown-ups soon.

Mary’s Softdough–Lovely modeling dough in cool colors…and scents!

The most plentiful product seemed to be baby-slings and carriers. I couldn’t believe the variety within this one category! Just a few years ago, young mothers were single-handedly keeping the chiropractic industry afloat, and now their back, hips, and shoulder problems have been solved! They all seemed great to me, including the ones to keep your privacy while nursing in public, and I couldn’t pick a favorite. But here’s a list of some of the top companies to check-out for yourself:






Bebe Au

As with all things in life, I have a feeling some sponsors have slipped through the cracks, but I hope to catch them next time. And just maybe I’ll put one of them in my Valentine’s Gift Ideas column this year, because our children are just as much our valentines as our spouses are.



  1. Karen,

    Thank you very much for the lovely compliment about my cakes. I am sorry that I did not get a chance to meet you!


  2. Karen,

    Thanks for the post. We are happy to announce we have a NEW SmartKnit BIG Kids seamless sock for adults and big kids. All the same wonderful features as our kids socks but for bigger feet.


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