For some reason, this was one of the most easy-going suites I’ve ever been to! The sponsors were all lovely, the organizers personnel was cheerful, and the gifts were all attractive and excellent. Even the attendees were more well-behaved than usual!

For the venue of this Red Carpet Events LA lounge to celebrate the Teen Choice Awards, they once again choose the ballroom of the very hip SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. I was happy to discover that it was an indoor suite because I had just had a funny beauty mishap at an earlier event that day that would have been glaringly apparent outdoors, but easy to get away with inside. [Hint—you can read about it here tomorrow.]

I’m sure all the teen (and grown-up) guests enjoyed the excellent and fun gifts at this suite, so let’s get to them already!

Just a few of Joy and Mario's new styles.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Just a few of Joy and Mario’s new styles. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Joy and Mario Footwear–I was overjoyed to see this fabulous footwear company here! I already own a gorgeous pair; the trendy flats have been a godsend since I still can’t wear heels for awhile longer. My own silver pair, that I wear with nice dresses, is beautiful and hip. This time, they were featuring equally attractive, more casual shoes, and it seemed that every single guest was clamoring for them. I must laud the personnel for staying calm and lovely amid the fray. No wonder they appeared to be the most popular sponsor there!

Clear Start by Dermalogica–the girl who was repping this skin care line could not have been more helpful. I know that at least one of my assistants will be thrilled to try their anti-acne products. A bonus is that the exteriors of the product tubes have a cool, sleek, clear look, the way that we all want our skin to be!

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

The Diva Box–At each suite, there’s always one company who has a product that, when you see others walking around with it, your mouth waters, and you can’t get over to their table fast enough. This is that product. A Diva Box is a see-through plexiglass container in which to showcase your shoes! It fits so many purposes; in the closet, it makes it easier to see your shoes, while keeping them dust-free. They’re stackable, but also have a foldable handle on top, so that you can carry them with you, in an attractive manner. And when I visited their website, I noticed that they have so many different designs! I love the ones to showcase baby shoes. My feet are so small that the baby one just might double as a showcase for my own!

Ofra Cosmetics–The girl showing us this new make-up line looked great herself, so I’m trusting them. In addition to a pro face brush and perfect-for-everyone brow pencil, each guest received a bronzer compact that has several attractive shade surfaces, so it can be used for face and eyes. The colors probably work well on everyone, but I knew right away how perfect these brown shades are for my blue eyes and needing-to-always-appear-tan skin!

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Hot Iron Holster–This is an interesting new addition to the hair tools scene. It’s a material, heat-resistant surface for hot hair tools, that adjust to any sink or counter. So many of us just lie our hair irons down on the counter, and hope we don’t burn the house down! Or struggle daily to hold the tools somehow. This “holster” for the sink was created by a woman who knew we hair-obsessed gals needed a better solution. And the hot pink holsters they were featuring at the suite make them a visual treat, as well.

Snoitome Clothing–This is another apparel line I already have in my own closet, so I was happy to see them at this suite. While the formerly uber-skinny me would have gone right for their colorful short shorts they were featuring this time, my a bit fuller 2014 self was equally content to choose among their attractive singular tops and dresses.

The green tank top on the left is now mine!  Photo by Karen Salkin.

The green tank top on the left is now mine! Photo by Karen Salkin.

Artwear Designs—The purpose of this unique clothing company is to give young undiscovered artists a place to “showcase their artwork by mass-producing it in the form of screen-printed apparel.” I loved my new casual tank top from them, (that was designed by Sarah Elizabeth Borst,) so much that I did something I’ve never done before with a gift, of any kind–I wore it the very next day! It even inspired me to have fun getting dressed again, something I had not done all summer. For a cotton top to renew ones love of fashion is a pretty big deal, in my book!

Karen’s Skin Care–How could I not love a skincare line with my name on it??? I swear, I’ve always loved my name, and seeing it on these attractive product bottles made my day. If the contents of them make my skin look as flawless as it does for the owner Karen, I’ll be in even better company.

 Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Rock Your Hair–More attractive hair product packaging cannot be found! The hot pink with rhinestones drew us all right over to the table. I didn’t even care what was in the containers! I just want to see them on my counter every day! They have products for both curly and straight hair, so all of us girly-girls can look like divas.

Hipsy Headbands—This new entry into the hair accessory arena has so many styles, colors, widths, and materials that I don’t know how anyone chose from among them. My philosophy is that you can never go wrong with sparkles!

I’m glad that this teen’s choice was the Red Carpet Events LA Lounge because it was so fab! (Even if my teen-hood is just in my own mind.)


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