[Note: each Emmys Suite gets its own column, in random order this time, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. (All the Celeb Sightings will be in their own column next week.) So, please make sure to check back tomorrow (and look at the past few posts) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the third of four.]

I’ve long been a fan of GBK events. But I loved this suite, held once again at the hip yet classy W Hotel in Hollywood, the most.

The beautiful hallway between the actual suites. All photos, (but one,) by Karen Salkin.

Here’s why: as I entered the area, and walked over to the Media Check-in, the lovely woman in charge of that area smilingly told me, “Talent Check-in is over there.” Since it’s been awhile now that I visit suites in the “press” category, rather than the “celebrity” one, I was a tad confused for a second. And then I realized that she knew me from my former show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue. Since I stopped doing it about three years ago, and with Hollywood sensibilities being so fickle, I don’t get recognized on a daily basis anymore, so I can’t tell you how much I appreciated what she said! That little exchange put me in an excellent mood before I met even one sponsor!

We’ll get to the great gifts in a second, but I believe that GBK head, Gavin Keilly, and I agree that charity is the most important aspect of these events, so I want to laud the ones at this suite right up front:

Somaly Mam Foundation–I’ve supported this foundation in the past because of its commitment to ending sex-trafficking around the world.

Dream Center–the same with this one, which also aids victims of human trafficking, in addition to helping people here in Los Angeles fight poverty, homelessness, hunger, and substance abuse.

Best Friends Animal Society–Their worthy mission is to find homes for all homeless pets. To that end, they were gifting tee-shirts and caps with their logo, which is a great way to get the word out.

Baan Unrak–this is a community in Thailand that gives shelter, education, and unconditional love to children with difficult backgrounds.

And now we can get to the highlights of the gifts! (There were so many that I had to put them in categories this time):


Viviana telling Karen Salkin's happy future. Knock on wood. Photo by Celia Yusem.

Psychic Friends Network—I actually believe in psychic-ness because I always know who’s on the other end of my phone. (And no, I don’t have caller ID!) So when Viviana told me, (without my even asking or thinking about it!,) that my acting career will pick back up really soon, I’m tending to believe her. Knock on wood! I’m just wondering if I should thank her first or last in my award acceptance speech!

Integrated Transportation Services (ITS)–I love that one of the hallmarks of this luxury limousine company is discretion. I can’t wait to avail myself of their services, although, when I’m traveling in style like that, I want it shouted from the rooftops!

Eye Saw You—having never been without a boyfriend since I was in my mid-teens, (and sometimes with a couple of back-ups, as well…but that’s another story,) I don’t understand dating apps. But just about every single person I know may benefit from this. (But as I say about all things involving strangers, just be careful. Not with the app; with the strangers!!!)


Foster Grant–I always love seeing these fabulous and fashionable sunglasses, that originate in Rhode Island, one of my three home states. Proving how lovely the people from that area are, for each pair of sunglasses that they gifted at GBK, they donated another one to charity. Everybody wins!


The Artisan Group–I always look forward to receiving anything from this artists collective! They have so many fabulous handcrafted items, including jewelry, stationery, soaps, and candles, that I could never choose from among them myself. But the crotched monkey hat, by Buggy D Creations, was a winner!

Hot Rock Jewelry—this company had a lovely, bubbly rep. So, it makes sense that they gifted gold-plated pendants with the message “Your Life Has Meaning.” That’s something I really need to remember in this hardest of years, so it’s a much-appreciated gift.

Ron Donovan Footwear—the gorgeous high-heels from this company, especially the boots, just may wind-up being the impetus for me to finally have back surgery! You know how people put pictures of bikinis, etc. on the refrigerator to remind them to lose weight? Well, I’ll use this photo of shoes I’ll be able to wear when I’m better, to make me forget just how scared I am of being put to sleep and cut open! I think it will work. Fingers crossed.


Stemtech—this company nourishes the body and skin from both inside and out. For those purposes, they gifted special stem cell supplements and anti-aging serum. And I really respect that, to show the difference it makes, they feature pictures of real results on their website, and not those fake before-and-afters that we see way too often!

Secret Agent Beauty Products–their lip plumpers and glosses are the most known of their beauty products, but they were also featuring their new eye duo–mascara on one end, and liner on the other. What a handy product to take in your tiny Emmys purse!

Revitalash–long a line of beauty products I’ve written about, (if you missed it, you can read my latest rave here:,) I was happy to see them featuring their newest product, FineLine Primer, at this suite. I haven’t tried it yet, but after a heavy-duty Emmys week, some of it in the sun (against my will,) I’m sure I’ll appreciate it!


Mason Jar Cookie Company–when I visited North Carolina several years ago, my favorite item that I found there was pancake mix complete in one jar. I had never seen anything like it since, until I discovered the Mason Jar company that does it with cookie mixes. We, the customers, choose the ingredients, and they layer them for us. What could be more simple! And what a welcome gift to receive at holiday time!

Bavaro’s—we each received a jar of delicious all-natural pasta sauce from this restaurant in Tampa, (where my hair looks its worst, btw.) I’m glad that I can just heat it up; I originally became a restaurant critic because I’m too lazy to cook!

Sabra Hummus–I was happy to see this healthful snack at the suite because I’m trying to eat better recently. Their individual dual-cups, one side with their signature hummus, the other pretzels, is the perfect bring-along item!

Yazi Ginger Vodka–I heard that this new vodka is made from “ancient aphrodisiacs.” Maybe that’s why they paired it with sexy red nail polish for their attractive display!

One more to go tomorrow! Then we’re on to other topics. At least, until the next awards show!


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