[Note: each Oscars Suite gets its own column because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. This is the last one of six. So, please make sure to look at the past few posts to learn about all the fabulous-ness.]

This suite, Connected, held at the nightclub Avalon, but during the day, was done a little bit differently. It had a real party vibe, with a club-type DJ, and atmospheric lighting.

I was more of a guest here than a journalist, so I just walked around, hoping to discover new products to include in future Gift Ideas columns. And I did just that!

We came upon everything from beachwear to children’s hats to games for smart phones, (if not smart people.) They featured some happening skin care lines and jewelry, and even had a plastic surgeon and a financial planner on tap!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the upbeat atmosphere; I only wish I could have stayed longer and chatted with more sponsors. But I’ll tell you about the ones I liked best down-the-line. Because, as the name of the suite says, I’ve go to stay “connected” with them!

So, that’s it for the 2012 Oscars Suites. Whew! As I’ve tweeted, (@KarenSalkin,) gift-gathering really is hard work, especially the writing about it. Next up on ItsNotAboutMe.TV are a few more celebrity events and sightings, and then we return to my journalistic roots with several restaurant reviews. So please be sure to check back here for all of it!


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