This was one of the most fun, easiest gifting suites I’ve ever been to!  I was so relaxed the entire time, which, trust me, is a rarity at these events.

It was set-up beautifully in a very attractive and spacious salon in downtown LA. RA Loft is in the Standard Oil Building, and as we approached the elevator bank, I noticed that the place had its own elevator, so I was already excited about what was to come.

Tamara Anderson on the left, speaking with a guest.   Photo by Karen Salkin.

Tamara Anderson on the left, speaking with a guest. Photo by Karen Salkin, as is the big one at the top of the page.

CannaSpa organizer, and Culinary and Cannabis CEO, Tamara Anderson, is also a nurse, so, of course she presented an event that has wellness at the forefront. I’ve actually seen her business savvy grow over the years and many events, and now Cannaspa has definitely arrived as a gifting suite to be reckoned with.

As the name indicates, most of the gifts and services are either cannabis-infused or pertain to the herb in some way, which seemed to be just fine with all the guests. It was definitely an upbeat group! [Note: You don’t have to be someone who indulges in cannabis to enjoy the benefits. I’ve been medically disallowed from smoking or ingesting it for almost three years now, but I totally get benefits from using the oils and creams.]

  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

This was a perfect event.  Everyone was smiling and happy all day, guests and sponsors alike, and the mingling was off the charts! This was more like a real fun party than a work activity for me! My contributing writer on this one, Carolyn, was a gifting suite virgin, so she’s now spoiled, as far as events like this go. She was very impressed with everything about this venture, saying, “There was so much going on there! It was a lovely and interesting group of people, both the guests and the sponsors. I was overwhelmed with all the products and the scope of the event. It was so timely and diverse, with all of the unusual cannabis products and the methods to use them. Bravo to all involved.” I add only—what she said!

This was the kind-of suite we absolutely love—it was spa services heavy! And there were taste treats, beverages, and gifts along the way. What wasn’t to love?! (And Mr. X was thrilled, too, although he wasn’t even there; cannabis-infused products are small enough gifts that I didn’t have to clutter-up our house with them! And he enjoyed every single item I shared with him, as well.)

So let’s get to the highlights of what we experienced already!


Karen Williams giving a guest a massage.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Karen Williams giving a guest a massage. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Traveling Hands Massage—We began our visit to CannaSpa with massages by Karen Williams from this mobile massage company. We had our choice of a chair massage or one lying on the table. Guess which one we choose? The table, of course, which, although these were billed as “mini” massages, was the more luxurious type. It was the perfect way to start off! Carolyn said Karen has “great strength and calm,” and found the experience, complete with cannabis-infused oils, to be “soothing and peaceful.” I agree, but I was more into the healing of it, of which I was greatly in need! And of course Karen was excellent because my namesakes always are!

Reiki practitioner Silvana Zamara.   Photo by Karen Salkin.

Reiki practitioner Silvana Zamara. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Sana Canna Reiki—I was so excited to receive a Reiki treatment! I had erroneously been told that that practice was not hands-on, but Silvana Zamara put her hands on certain points of my body, without moving them, as a masseuse does. I so appreciated that she told me that I’m holding on to lots of stress…in my stomach! I seriously think that’s the reason that area is not—how shall I put it—as petite as it used to be! So this experience really helped me. Carolyn had one, too, and said, “The Reiki treatment was very relaxing and soothing to me. I found it to be extremely enjoyable, and it left me with a peaceful feeling. Silvana was quite good.”

Jackie Peniche working on a guest's hands while Kelly Anne works on his hair.  Lucky guy! Photo courtesy of Cannaspa.

Jackie Peniche working on a guest’s hands while Kelly Anne works on his hair. Lucky guy! Photo courtesy of Cannaspa.

Ka Holistics Hemp-Notic—We had wonderful hand massages by Jackie Peniche, using a cannabis-infused cream from this company. As soon as she finished working on my right hand, Jackie exclaimed, “You have to start letting people do things for you!” I can’t believe that she could figure that all out from just five tense phalanges!!! I explained that Mr. X does everything for me, but I’m pretty sure she was talking about my pals, for whom the concept of giving back is foreign. Oh well. But, as I happily pointed-out, she had just done something for me! Carolyn had one, too, and told me she “could feel the aches and pains just disappear.” She said that she “hated to have it end,” and that Jackie had “such a marvelous spirit, which made the massage even better!”

Rocio Bonilla giving a guest a facial.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Rocio Bonilla giving a guest a facial. Photo by Karen Salkin.

CannaFace Aesthetics–We ended our day of services with fabulous facials by Rocio Bonilla. What a great experience that was!!! She explained each step as she went along, and Carolyn deemed her talk to be “knowledgeable, concise, and not at all preachy,” as many an esthetician can be. And I had not even asked her to talk to me like I’m a blonde!!! We really appreciated both her work and her being, in general, with Carolyn saying that Rocio has a “very healing touch.” When I got home, Mr. X said I looked “glowing and super-moist,” so even he noticed the great work she did! (And actually, he was still complimenting my skin three days later!) We left there with what Rocio called “deluxe samples,” but they’re bigger than many full-sized products these days! Carolyn has already begun the nighttime regimen with the special canna/retinol cream, and told me that her skin “feels great” ever since.


  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Mozen—The all-in-one cannabis pens this company was gifting come in wonderful varieties, which is great, so you can decide on what you want your mood to be when used. That’s such a pleasure, so you know if it’s the kind of herb oil that gives you pep or puts you to sleep! And the sleek pens are the perfect size for easy carrying. “Mozen” means “balance” in Hebrew, and I’m sure all the busy guests at this suite need exactly that! Carolyn added that she “especially liked the presentation and the sleek packaging,” which is always a bonus. Mr. X tried their “Seize The Day” pen right away, and has been writing prolifically ever since! He said he gives it “top marks.”

  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Bask—These were actually the products that were used in our massage! The company gave each guest a bag full of helpful cannabis-infused items, such as a tin of blood orange herbal tea, a lavender bath bomb, (so now maybe I’ll finally get some sleep,) and “extended wellness creams” in two different strengths of CBD. Carolyn, who told me she’s been “experiencing a number of painful areas in my body,” said the 400 mg. one was “surprisingly effective.”

Nombaone—They were gifting their Muscle Jelly, which is made with naturally-occurring broad spectrum hemp oil. I found it to be a really good consistency, and Carolyn tried it out on a “huge bruise” she has, and said she really did experience a “soothing feeling.”

Karen Salkin showing the Plant Organix products.  Photo by Shiloh.

Karen Salkin showing the Plant Organix products. Photo by Shiloh.

Plant Organix—This is a smoothie and CBD Bar in San Bernardino. But no worries—you can order their fabu wellness products right on-line! Carolyn used their Meraki Intense Pain Balm right away, and said it’s “really amazing!” She also noted that the two team members who were on-site that day, Shiloh and Terrence, were “extremely helpful and gracious,” an assessment with which I totally concur. Now we want to go to San Bernardino and hang with them again!

Raw Health—They gifted a sample box of a trio of little infused water shots, each for a different purpose. Carolyn tried the Blueberry for relaxation, and said it was “full of flavor,” and more importantly, “it left me feeling a little happier than before I drank it!” I guess that one exactly served it’s purpose! Now we’re looking forward to trying the other two.


Karen Salkin, on the left, choosing which Blaze N Jane's dish to try.

Karen Salkin, on the left, choosing which Blaze N Jane’s dish to try.

Blaze N Jane’s—This chef, Pedro Romero, (who I will tell you more about in the coming months,) served-up three tasty dishes, with cannabis oil mixed-in, if the guests so chose. (I did not.) There was delicious grilled shrimp, and a corn salad I could not stop eating all day! Carolyn, a self-proclaimed “ salad dressing snob,” said this one was “amazing.” They also served a unique watermelon gazpacho, which she described as “very refreshing.” This table was quite the hit with us. And probably everyone else, too!

Chef Matt—I’ve met this chef before, so I perked right up to see him again because I knew we were in for a taste treat! This time he cooked cheese tortellini right in front of us, and he was smart enough to put cannabis oil on the individual servings, only for the guests who requested it. Carolyn said it was a “great and a very unexpected treat.” (There’s rarely freshly-cooked food at gifting suites, hence it was not expected. But I should have known that Tamara would take care of us in that department! We need sustenance to meet and greet!) Carolyn also noted, “It was impressive that Chef Matt was able to create such a wonderful finished product, given that the event was in a beauty salon!”

There were also infused sodas, hibiscus lemonades, and some cupcakes and donuts along the way. So CannaSpa featured something for everyone! And a great time was had by all.


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