Sometimes, when a holiday is upon us, I try to remember back over every one of those that I’ve experienced through the years. Working my brain that hard actually helps me fall asleep!

But nowadays, and for the four and a half years since I began this e-zine, I don’t need to wrack my brain; I just look back through the INAM archives (on the left-hand side of the front page) to see what I was thinking on that particular holiday through the years. One thing I noticed that I’m especially proud of is that for all my Gift Ideas columns, (for certain holidays like Christmas, Mother’s Day, and of course, Valentine’s Day,) I come up with really unique items to suggest to you.

I don’t enjoy getting anything as banal as flowers or candy myself (unless it’s dark chocolate covered nuts, or something equally spectacular,) so if your loved one feels the same way, I hope that these extra-special gifts will come in handy for you. And there’s something for everyone on this list! (Because not every “Valentine” is the person you’re in a love relationship with. They can also be pals or even family members. Or even your pet, in a good way. We know I was sure mad about Clarence Darrence!)

So, let’s get to it already!

FluxmobFluxmob Bolt Charger—My intern, Stephanie, is young, which automatically means she’s cell phone-obsessed. So I let her give you her thoughts on this one, which Mr. X and I highly recommend, as well. She said, “This charger is an absolute necessity for the busy techie. It’s the world’s smallest dual charger, serving both as a charger and a battery back-up. While the phone is charging, the backup battery is also being charged–how convenient! The old USB phone charger can now be left at home because there is enough battery life in this small charger to have two full charges, which is perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go and using their phone. This charger is not only a time-saver, but a life-saver for those extra hours needed to keep going throughout the day.” Amen to that honey! Now, if only someone could invent one of these to recharge my way-too-busy mind and body!!!

imagesPursecase—This is one item that I’ve seen from its inception, way before its CEOs, Kelley and Jenn, were featured on ABC’s Shark Tank. I fell in love with it right away, and am so proud of these young ladies for seeing it through. Now we can all look as hip as they do! Pursecase is a phone case that looks like a pretty little purse! What a great disguise! But there’s even more to it than that; I showed it to my happening young intern, Stephanie, and she loved it! She said, “This case is absolutely fabulous–it’s the perfect gift for that oh-so-stylish loved one. Not only is it elegantly designed, but it’s touted to be durable and shock-proof, too. (I appreciate that part because I drop my phone a lot.)” In addition to being a hip cover for one’s cell phone, it also has some necessary features of a real mini purse, such as a compact mirror and a pocket to hold cash, IDs, and credit cards. Steph added, “What’s not to like? The adorable gold chain handle enables you to wear it on your wrist, sort-of like a mini bracelet, adding a little touch of bling to anyone’s outfit.” I second all of that.

ItemBFTB.jpgEcoxoxo.comAny gift from this eco-friendly shopping site is special, in my opinion, so I hesitate to recommend just one item for Valentine’s Day. But the CEO is high on the various very affordable (my assessment, not his,) bracelets that are made out of re-cycled glass, so I would always go with his artistic recommendations. I showed the site to Stephanie, and she was very impressed. She wrote the following: “Want to give your partner a beautiful gift while giving back to others at the same time? This fair trade Kenyan bracelet is perfect for just that! Made of recycled glass, and hand-painted, with a removable charm, each of these multi-colored bracelets is one-of-a-kind. The beautiful work that has been done by the Kenyans will be reciprocated back to them: the sale of each bracelet donates one dollar towards the education of a Kenyan child. How wonderful is that? Your gift-ee receives a unique and charming bracelet, while you’ll be giving a child the gift of education–sounds like a great Valentine’s Day present to me!”

image008Spa Sonic Face & Body Polisher—I think that by now everyone know that I consider skincare to be of paramount importance to just about everyone, (man, woman, or teen,) and this multi-brush face and body polisher will help in that department. And one of the pastel shades it comes in is pink, which is perfect for this holiday! The set includes a face brush and body brush for extra cleansing, a sponge for moisturizer application, and my favorite part, a pumice stone for feet and rough patches on elbows, knees, etc. (I don’t have those anywhere else, but my heels are the worst part of me because I still walk barefoot often. And this spinning pumice is just the ticket to help with that situation!) A major bonus is that the set comes with alkaline batteries; how awful is to get a new fun product home and then find-out you need batteries for it?! That won’t happen with this gift on Valentine’s Day! And that ease of use is a gift in itself!

eb7f04_7963a0e643edc56254b0aed7c5609548.jpg_srz_400_267_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzSage Stone Botanicals—This is not your usual hand cream; the thickness is a dream–I’ve been using it recently on my less-than-baby-soft heels, and they’re already feeling so much better. (And used in conjunction with the suggestion right above, it’s a winning combo!) It’s the perfect gift for someone who loves giving their skin an extra dose of TLC. Sage Stone Botanicals offers a wide variety of scents, as well, making sure everyone is satisfied. They have lovely fragrances, like the new Rain, but this fledgling company is so sensitive to allergies, (like mine!,) that they also offer unscented. (In the interest of honesty, I must tell you that even the unscented has some scent, but it’s more of the natural ingredients than of perfume.) Now if only every audience member I ever sit near would use this cream, I could breath a sigh of relief each time I entered a theatre.

front_3Coordinates Collection—I wrote about this special jewelry recently, and as I do with all products I write about, I check-out the website first. The more I checked into this one, the more I realized how romantic a gesture giving one of these would be! You get to pick almost everything about these bracelets and rings, (such as the style and color of the band, and whether or not you want a gem,) but the real romantic part is that they engrave the coordinates of wherever you two designate as your special moment. Hmmm, where exactly was it that I first held Mr. X hostage? [Note: we’ve been saying that for years, so it’s a romantic saying to us, but I know it’s not always a great joke nowadays, so I do apologize in that direction.]

GetAttachment.aspxCirque du Soleil—And then there’s the old tried and true “take him/her to a romantic event.” Let me tell you, there is no more romantic date than a trip to the Grand Chapiteau at the Santa Monica Pier to see the latest rendition of Cirque du Soleil. This one is entitled Totem, and you can read my full review here: And whether you go see it on actual Valentine’s Day, or just present your loved-one with the tickets on that date, you’ll both be in love…with the fabulous show!

So, please try your best to make someone feel loved this holiday. And know that you are all loved by me!


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