I know it’s still April, but I have a feeling you’re already worrying about what to get the women in your life for Mother’s Day. I’m here to help you get a jump on it.

As you may know, I eschew regular gifts such as flowers and candy for special occasions such as this one. It’s 2013, for goodness sake; I think we should get the mothers in our lives more creative gifts on their day.

So, here are some suggestions to get you started, all that I can personally vouch for. Each one works as a stand-alone gift, but they might be fun to use in concert. (Which means “together,” if you’re not familiar with the term–I always like to throw in an English lesson, as a tribute to my own little mother.) Mom can tweeze her brows, then wear her fascinator while sipping wine and eating cookies!

Let’s get to them:


Joey Healy Collection Elite Sculpting Tweezer—I’m so glad that this beauty tool is now available to the public! As a girly-girl, I think gifts that help make us more beautiful are the best ones. (Unless it’s a bag to put over one’s head.) And I’ve noticed more and more of my pretty pals traveling with a tweezer for emergency unwanted hair removal. (Don’t we always notice those suckers in the car mirror? Right, ladies?) So, tweezers are an always-appreciated gift. (You don’t have to mention that they’re for you mom’s moustache even moreso than for her eyebrows! You know what I’m saying?!)

When I was last in New York, I had Joey Healy himself do my brows, (which if you missed, you can read here:,) and I loved his buttery tweezers. Let’s face it, we’ll never to be able to shape them as well as he does, but the recipient of this gift will be well on her way to looking better. And now, when she raises her brow (which she will inevitably do if she’s a mother,) at least it will look great!


Fascinators First—In case you missed the almost-two-years-ago wedding of William and Catherine, (which I can’t imagine,) a fascinator is a head piece that’s not quite a hat, (but is way more than a headband,) and just has to be fabulous! You want it to go with your outfit, be classy, yet out-do all others at the same time. Tall order. But not for designer Rita Gruzman of Fascinators First.

My own arrived in time for Margaret Thatcher’s funeral, so you just know that I’ll be wearing mine all day…in front of the TV! (Though I may leave for some afternoon tea, to show off my new fascinator.) And I’ll definitely be breaking that baby out for next week-end’s Kentucky Derby. For the Mother’s Day theme, you can help your own mom get a jump on Catherine becoming a mother by wearing one now. There are really so many occasions this can come in handy.

Seriously, it’s such a fun gift, and perfect for Spring. Rita has a whole bunch of designs you can choose from, and her site even suggests what events each one is perfect for. I swear—I was giggling when I opened the box and say mine in person. It’s so impressive. Mr. X loved it, too. There are ultra-classy one, like the ones in her Great Gatsby line, (so now,) and whimsical choices, as well. Or she’ll work with you to put your own spin on one. This will definitely surprise any woman, and even if she just sets it down and admires it, she’ll appreciate having something so special as a hand-made fascinator. Trust me on this one.


Viva Diva Wines—You all know that I hate the taste of alcohol, but Lucia and Mr. X loved these wines so much that I know they’ll make a great gift. Lucia, who knows the most about alcohol of anybody I know, (in a good way,) highly recommends the flavored Moscatos, while Mr. X was more partial to the very sweet red, which even I was able to sip! (I usually just touch alcohol to my lips, then shudder at the taste while I lick it off.)

One drink I can muster, though, is a bellini, which most people erroneously make with champagne, but is really supposed to be made with prosecco. Well, I made some for brunch with this company’s prosecco and they were outstanding. And this company has such a girly name, (sorry, Mr. X,) that their wines are the perfect beverage for Mother’s Day, either to serve or to give to any hard-working mom. (And yes, being a bon vivette such as I, is hard work!)


Cookie Daddy—They’re called Cookie Daddy but the cookie momma here is perhaps even more important!!! That’s why these delicious confections are perfect for Mother’s Day. (Father’s Day, too, actually–I know mine would have loved them!) Just make sure you order with enough time for them to get to you because they’re sent from North Carolina. They arrive with “Eating Instructions,” which sounds funny, but trust me, they come in handy. (They’re more than “bring up to your mouth, bite, chew, swallow.”) There are eleven creative flavors, but as a chocolate lover, those are the six I’m recommending. You may have noticed in a recent column that I sort-of made fun of the trend of adding salt to chocolate, but let me tell you, I love that combo in the cookie from this company!

There’s a tie for my fave between the dark chocolate with pecans and framboises (raspberries) and the brownie cookie with dulce de leche and pecans. I followed some of those above-mentioned instructions, and heated each one up in the microwave for about seventeen seconds, and they tasted like they just came out of the oven. I paired them with a giant glass of really cold milk and there was my afternoon snack for a week. They’re so rich, I eat only one day. So, this is one food gift that can last for awhile!


There you have it. These are all great gifts for any time, but I always want to make sure that mothers get some fun stuff on their day. Just keep these suggestions in mind if anyone ever declares a national Karen’s Day, too!


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