This is the best–and easiest, most clever, and most affordable–gift you can send anyone this holiday season! Or at any time of year, actually. can put together any kind of basket imaginable, and they’re perfect for everyone; friends, family, business associates, and acquaintances alike.

I discovered them in the summer of 2008, when I was in New York. I had been on a quest to make it into original Yankee Stadium for that last year of its existence, and my prospects were looking bleak. To keep up my spirits and determination, a pal sent me a DVD Gift Basket. [Note: I did make it into the stadium, by the way.]

Yankees basket.

But this was no ordinary gift basket; it included DVDs of Yankee Stadium, Baseball’s Cathedral and When It Was A Game–Volumes I, II, and III! The DVDs are what set this company apart from all others. There are definitely a sufficient number of snacks, too, of course, but the combining of them, and other clever gifts, is what makes these baskets so special.

In addition to the DVDs and candy selections, to go along with the baseball theme, my basket also included, (among other gifts,) a disposable camera, a toy binocular, and even seeds to grow grass for my very own stadium! How clever is that???

The wonderful staff can put together any kind of basket you can think of, and even ones you can’t. Just tell the folks at what genre of DVD you’re interested in, and they’ll take it from there. They can do just about anything.

I’m not kidding about that. I was shocked to find, right there amongst baseball goodies, a DVD of the movie Brothers In Arms, a recent film I had done! I was hysterical, as was my mother. I had never even considered looking for a copy myself, and was shocked that DVD Gift Baskets found one! [I almost wish they hadn’t, though. Talk about bad hair and make-up—the rest of the cast didn’t even recognize me at the premiere! And, in the role of the town mayor’s wife, (its a western—don’t ask,) I had worked in close proximity with the other actors for weeks, as bank hostages.]

The best part of the whole thing was opening such an impressive gift with my little mother. She squealed with delight as we perused each new item, especially the many kinds of sweet treats. It’s actually where she discovered what came to be her favorite candy! (The company was even so kind as to research, and let me know, where they got it, so I could keep my mo supplied with it for the rest of her life. What other business people are that kind?)

Halloween option.

I’m letting you know about this company much earlier than usual for December holidays because, in starting my shopping early, I noticed that they do some way cool, and scary, gift baskets for Halloween, and I didn’t want any of you to miss out. And if anyone wants to send me a Thanksgiving DVD Gift Basket, I’ll be in Brooklyn this year. Just no more Brothers In Arms DVDs, please! I want to be thankful that I own just one.

To order, and for more info, check-out 877-218-4438


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