This is a really fun one! I always love being in on a great concept from the beginning, and this is that. I have a feeling that many others will start copying Madison & Mulholland’s CEO Jane Ubell-Meyer’s new swag bag plan.

Photo by Karen Salkin, as is the big one at the top of the page.

Photo by Karen Salkin, as is the big one at the top of the page.

All the gifts that her celebrities received this Oscars season are now available to the public! You heard that right; people usually just read about the gifts that celebs receive during awards season, but now you can not only view them all up-close and personal, but you can purchase them for yourself! (For a limited time only, so hurry—you won’t want to miss-out!)

This is how it works: Madison & Mulholland, in partnership with JBC & Associates, curated gorgeous goodie bags, and delivered them to several of the top-tiered stars before the Oscars. And now, all those gifts are being featured (and sold) at the Red Carpet Gifts Pop-Up kiosk in the famous Hollywood & Highland shopping center in Los Angeles. (That’s also where the Oscars themselves were held—at the adjacent Dolby Theatre.) This is the first ever celebrity gift bag pop-up kiosk! How exciting!

Some of the higlights of the goodie bag, and kiosk. Photo by Karen Salkin,

Some of the higlights of the goodie bag, and kiosk. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Jane Ubell-Meyer says of the products, “Most of these companies are owned by women; they are inventors, designers, and true entrepreneurs. And I love the fact that most of these products are made in the USA!” Sounds good to me, too.

I can’t tell you about every single item in the bags, so, if you’re in or near Los Angeles, you’re just going to have to stop by the kiosk at Hollywood and Highland, right in front of Sephora, and discover what’s there. You’ll have such fun doing it—you’ll feel like a celebrity yourself! I know I did when I stopped by to get in on the action.

So here are just some of the highlights of what I found at the Red Carpet Gifts Pop-Up:

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Levears Earring Lifts—This one is brilliant! I’ve really never seen anything like it. Do you ever notice people’s earrings that are about to fall off, and want to tell them? Now it will never happen to you because you’ll own the secret weapon. You just replace your existing earring backs with Levears which keep earrings standing at attention safely and comfortably. What a relief, eh?

Kiklos Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil—Ever since I re-vamped my diet last year, olive oil has been a staple of it. So when I noticed these classy-looking bottles of the important substance at the kiosk, my eye was more drawn to them than to even the jewelry! And I love that they’re packaged in white, to protect the oil from sunlight. That’s an extra little perk!

Di Valdi Eyewear—OMG! I really did feel like the MajorCelebrity my Twitter handle proclaims me to be when I tried on a pair of these Italian-designed polarized Limited Edition sunglasses! And the best part for me is that they are prescription-adaptable so I’ll be able to see as great as I’ll be looking!

Photo courtesy of Jane Ubell-Meyer.

Photo courtesy of Jane Ubell-Meyer.

Isabella Hearst New York—This front of this wallet states something I’m sure many celebs think on a daily basis: “No Paparazzi!” No fooling, I found myself hiding from the paparazzi even when I was young, skinny, and hot, and doing my TV show. Mr. X always asked me why I was ducking the cameras. I can’t really explain it myself, but I just have something against people having pictures of me that I haven’t approved. Maybe it goes back to when I was little, and thought my father was a bad photographer because I was fat in all the pictures he snapped. I didn’t realize until much later that I was actually fat—not his fault at all. The conundrum about this beautiful black wallet is that it’s so good-looking that it will attract people. And not just the photogs, but everyone who lays eyes on it!

Madison & Mulholland Readers—These really sharp-looking reading glasses are made in Switzerland, so, of course they’re really cool. They’re also lightweight, have a classy matte finish, and are optical-quality. What fun to find really hip reading glasses without a prescription!

Tinsley Radix Sequined Tank Top—This is the perfect garment for all Hollywood events! The silhouette is casual, but the sequins dress it up, so it goes just as well with jeans as it does with evening pants. I’d love one in every color!

Photo courtesy of Jane Ubell-Meyer.

Photo courtesy of Jane Ubell-Meyer.

Julia Knight Collection—I went nuts over this trio of classy little bowls! You can purchase them individually or in a set; they’re beautiful either way. They come in muted colors, like Surf, which is my favorite dusty green shade. I think they’re meant for snacks, but I would just leave them out empty, so people can see the little metallic sheen they feature.

Caterina Jewelry–The Kiss Kiss Collection is made-up of sweet little bracelets, each with a classy charm, and all in wonderful colors. To me, they are seriously the perfect jewelry gift. The same company also invented the Charm Opener, which makes it a breeze to unclasp jewelry…by yourself!!! Now it won’t matter if I have a fight with Mr. X on an important night out because I won’t need his ever-present help with my bracelets anymore! So, I think that he’ll be even more of a fan of this handy-dandy little gadget than I am!

Brushopolis Hairbrushes—Now I finally know why celebs can have such good-looking tresses. They use these upscale brushes that are made for every hair situation. The Monroe Glamour Hourglass one styles and finishes, without the damaging heat of a flatiron, and The Teasedale is engineered to create maximum volume with minimum breakage.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Mayron’s Goods—Where else but here would you learn that the actress who plays Jane’s college advisor on Jane The Virgin has a line of natural skin care products?! Melanie Mayron’s little box of Lip Stuff looks like a kindergarten crayon box, so, of course, I love it! What adorable gifts these make, for any occasion!

And these are not even half of the hand-curated items you can find at the Red Carpet Gifts Pop-Up kiosk in Hollywood & Highland; there are all kinds of classy jewelry, lots of skin care that Hollywood types actually do use, headphones, candles, and even the unbelievably affordable Charlie Curl, a simple device that I’ve been using to curl my hair for about a year now!

You will definitely find something special at the pop-up, both for someone to whom you want to be kind, and for yourself as well. There’s truly something for everyone at this one convenient kiosk! (And when you accept the compliments on your new gift to yourself, you can even allow people to think that you received it as part of the Oscar goodie bag! I’ll never tell.)

But you’ve got to hurry—it will be there until March 14 only!


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