One of these years, I’m going to finally make it to the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Up until now, something has always gotten in the way—my January 14th birthday, the attendant soiree, a health issue, or a trip to New York instead.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

But until I do get to visit there in person, I’m just grateful to always receive a gift bag from Debbie Durkin’s Sundance Ecoluxe Lounge, chock full of wonderful gifts that I always hear about from others. Now I can be one of those knowledgable peeps telling you about the contents!

So, here goes, with the highlights of what I saw in there:

Shriners Hospital For Children—This group, who has successfully partnered with Debbie on a few of her other recent events, did it again at Sundance. They were on hand to give the guests the low-down on all their charitable work, (most notably donating free health services for children in need.) To remind the peeps of them, they gifted luxurious throw blankets in their signature tan hue.

Photo by Lauren Bennett.

Photo by Lauren Bennett.

Burnetie Sneakers—I’ve seen the colorful sneakers at a couple of Debbie’s other events, and my eye is always drawn right over to them! I have no idea how the guests choose just one pari, because this is one brand whose wares I admire all of!

La Miel Vegan Purse—Boy, do I know ladies who will appreciate this brand! I don’t know what material the all-vegan purses are made from, but they look as attractive as leather, and come in many different styles.

Photo by Lauren Bennett.

Photo by Lauren Bennett.

Bula Headgear—This is the cutest, warmest hat ever! And I’m so glad that it ‘s red, white, and blue, and says “USA” because, even though it’s the summer Olympics that are coming up in a few months, I keep my house freezing in the summer. So I can still sit here with my patriotic hat on!

Bulletproof Coffee—I don’t drink coffee, so I’m not the expert on this one, but it comes in a kit with some special energy-boosting liquid that you add to it. I wish it would work on oh so many coffee drinkers I know!

1534726_10201197869505839_7994248950485328875_oBarefoot Athletic Company Gear—This company made gifted a trio of items. There was a tee, a very attractive ski cap (which I’m sure came in handy on those Utah slopes!,) and a recycled-glass-beads bracelet with a sports charm on it.

Montage Spa Amenities—I understand that this spa provided the pampering services for the guests at the lounge. So, I was happy to get a sneak peek at their signature product line that they used.

Hopefully, next year, I’ll finally make it to that film festival myself. I look forward to having all that fun! And I’ll sure have the gear to fit right in!


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