Once again, Doris Bergman’s Valentine’s Suite was stellar. She really knows how to throw a bash! It had everything: great gifts, auxiliary goodies bags, celebrities, and, best of all, delicious food!!! Hers is the only suite that actually feeds the guests, and in grand style, to boot.

All photos by Karen Salkin and Lauren Bennett.

It was once again held at Cafe La Boheme, (which is a real restaurant, by the way, and not simply a cafe,) and they served fabulous food all day! Please trust me when I tell you that that is far from the norm at this type of event. We may get a cream puff or so at the others, with the more generous organizers providing a light buffet of tiny snacks, but Doris goes whole hog on the repast.

At the morning start, there was a table with coffee and tea, for the early-risers, and by 11AM, one hour in, the appetizers began being passed by the amiable wait staff. They were all delicious, (the food items, not the staff,) but the grilled shrimp was my favorite.

We were all relieved when the rain passed because the luncheon could then be served on the delightful patio. Each item was more delicious than the last! I loved it all: filet mignon, baked chicken, rice pilaf, several salads, crusty bread with creative dips—what’s not to like?! It was fun to see celebrities, media, and sponsors all dining together; it made it so convivial.

Eric and Eliza Roberts. I guess my crazy stories about Mr. X and me inspired them to be lovey-dovey. I love this picture!

A special shout-out to my luncheon companions, Eric Roberts and his wife, Eliza. They were so normal and lovely; I wish we had ran into each other before. They’re my kind of people, and we talked about our relationships and laughed the whole time. I love meeting actors who aren’t full of themselves.

Karina Smirnoff.

Speaking of the ilk, this suite had the most celebs ever! And real ones! (In all ways.) I spied Lou Gossett, Jr., Michael Clarke Duncan, Karina Smirnoff, and Kevin Eubanks, just to name a few. (They’ll all be dished about in my next Celeb Sightings column.) And they were all so comfortable at the suite that they sat with everyone on the patio and had lunch. That’s quite a tribute to this event.

Many of the sponsors were great, too, and most were ones I had never seen before! Let’s get to the highlights:

There were so many types of Baron Hats, we couldn't fit them all into one picture!

Baron Hats—this was one of the most generous sponsors ever!!! They’re like me, always making goodie bags for people, wanting to add more to them. As if their fabulous and hip chapeaus, many of them fashioned from re-cycled materials (plastic bottles, anyone?,) weren’t enough, nor the uber-pleasant service by Patti Gardner, nor meeting the Master Hatter himself, Mark Mejia, there to steam the hats to adjust to each head, they included big boxes of chocolates in their bags with the hats! I love a sponsor like this, although there are few of them anywhere! I guess Doris chooses some of them to match her own amazing generosity. I tip my new colorful Baron Hat to them!

Qmadix products.

Qmadix High-Tech Gadgets—being that Mr. X is a gadget and earphone aficionado, I was thrilled to discover this company that was gifting iharmonix™ Qi-7 Extreme-Performance Mobile Earphones and Metalix Premium Snap-On Phone Covers. And they packaged them so beautifully, in red see-through bags with heart-shaped chocolates. What better gift for Valentine’s Day, all ready to go?

Road Kill Boutique—the upbeat girls from this Orange County store was gifting shiny purses, but they’re really known for their vintage-inspired clothing and accessories. I know, I know—I’m not a fan of the moniker either. But I can just about guarantee you won’t forget it!!!

Smyle Tees and Caps—I was immediately attracted to these happy, colorful tee-shirts. The company is known for their logo of sideways smiley faces. So now, when I catch guys staring at my chest, it will really be because of my face! My smiley face, that is.

Eye Make-up Fallout Protector—this new product is a godsend to make-up aficionados like me. It’s so simple and clever, and easy to carry in your make-up bag. It’s a silicone shield in a handle that you position under your eyes to catch the eyeshadow that always winds-up on your cheek. What took someone so long to invent this?! [Note: I love it so much, I hope to do a give-away of it really soon, so keep an eye out for that. A non-smudged one!]

Art Lewin & Co. Custom Clothiers—people are surprised to hear it, but my krump dancing boyfriend actually loves wearing suits! So, I was happy to receive accessories from this men’s clothing company.

Dulcenea Lingerie—they came prepared for this pre-Valentine’s Suite with sexy, little, pink thongs.

Spongeables—I never before knew that these soap-filled bath and shower sponges come in a variety of formulas! Even one for cellulite! Good to know, for way in my future.

Pauline’s Pecan Brittle—this is actually the softest brittle ever! (I know—soft brittle is an oxymoron, but you know what I mean.) The pecan covered in dark chocolate was hard to resist.

And, let’s not forget the charity of choice here: Operation Dress Up. The concept is fabulous, one that’s very easy to participate in. You can donate either money (or course,) or clothing, school supplies, food, etc. for homeless school children. Being aware of this organization now is pushing me to finally clean out my closet and give them all my new and gently-used wardrobe. They’ll even pick it up from you! How much easier can a charity make it for us???

Can’t wait for Doris’ next event!



  1. Karen, thank you so much for your kind words… you’re right about the food. it was delicious. from all the actors saying to me that Doris does put on the best gifting suites in the industry. We get some great exposure with actors showing off our custom suits, shirts & accessories. And, we pick them up as clients too.

    once again, thank you.

  2. Our hats off to you, Karen, for the great coverage of Baron Hats! We appreciate your kind words. You are absolutely correct, Doris sure knows how to throw an event!

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