So, when I was at the Bag Lady event I told you about last week, I won a gift certificate to Evolue, an eco-conscious beauty shop on Robertson. I also got invited to an event they were having a couple of evenings later, so I figured that I’d kill two birds with one stone.

Photos by Karen Salkin.

Only, I forgot to use the cert because the event was so fun! It was to introduce us to their “eco-chic vendors personally,” while letting us know about the “next moves in the fight for safer cosmetics.” Always a good thing.

As we entered, we received a re-usable bag, like on Halloween, and then we basically went “trick-or-treating” to the sponsors who explained their products and then gave us small samples, based on our needs or likes. The soiree was packed yet intimate.

There was also a non-intrusive DJ and a bar with interesting-looking fruity-type drinks, but, as many of you know by now, I hate the taste of alcohol, (and lemons and limes, and just about everything else they had that other people love,) so I had to sit that part out.

I discovered more than just good-for-you new entries into the world of skin care and cosmetics; I also discovered this lovely little neighborhood! Of course, everyone in my area of L.A. knows about, and has been to, Robertson Blvd., but I never walked around it on a summer’s eve before. I had parked “down the road a piece,” in my new effort to get back to walking more, so I realized that people who live around there can just walk to everything they could possibly need to do.

And I picked-up dinner from an excellent little Thai place on the block, Thai Boom. Mr. X was thrilled with his fare, and I was happy enough. Now I’m glad that I didn’t use my Evolue gift card that night because now I have an excuse to go back to that ‘hood.

357 1/2 S. Robertson Blvd.



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