I recently saw a brilliant new product in a restaurant, and I want to be the first to tell you about it. Just remember when you notice this growing trend that you saw it here first! (And I found-out that it was invented by Dr. Manny Greitzer, my very own East Coast optometrist, in Greenwich Connecticut! That means it’s a classy, upscale product, to match his practice. The display windows at his shop in that tony town are enough to make your mouth water!)

Eater's Readers, which I hope will be at every top restaurant soon!

Eater’s Readers, which I hope will be at every top restaurant soon!

Eater’s Readers is just what the doctor ordered at eateries everywhere–the eye doctor that is. You know how you see other diners squinting at their menus? (Perhaps you even do that yourself!) Or couples sharing reading glasses? I’ve had more than a few friends ask me to read the menu to them because I can still see it clearly enough.

All those scenarios are because many people leave their reading glasses home. Or don’t even buy themselves any to begin with because they really need them for reading menus only, often because the restaurants are so dimly-lit.

Eater’s Readers to the rescue! Here’s what it is: several pairs of attractive reading glasses, in different strengths, packaged in a super-classy lacquered wooden box, and offered free-of-charge to patrons who need that extra help with reading the menu. (Not to mention the tiny-charactered bill and credit card receipt!) And, if you fall in love with the one you choose, (which is highly probable,) you can even buy an affordable brand new pair on the spot!

I did some research on it when I first saw this classy and hip presentation at that trendy restaurant, and here’s what I found-out: Eater’s Readers is high quality, optometrist-recommended, impact-resistant, and, most importantly, it meets the standard for safety. And, even though each patron is using a pair for just a matter of minutes, the hosts disinfect them between uses. And the pairs of glasses themselves are replaced often, anyway.

They’re trademarked, so be wary if the box you’re presented with says anything other than Eater’s Readers! (And don’t forget to ask your server for them, when you realize they’ll come in handy.)

As great and convenient as they are for the customers, they’re also very reasonably-priced for the proprietors, so restaurants won’t pass the expense on to their patrons, which is a great deal for everyone concerned!

I predict that all happening eateries will get in on them right away. And remember, if they’re not Eater’s Readers, they’re copies!!! And dontcha just hate a copycat? I know I do.

For more information, please go to: www.eatersreaders.com


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  1. What a great idea – I know I can use them! I can read something 20 feet away but not something that is right in front of me. Thank you, Karen, for telling us about this great product and thank you, Dr. Greitzer, for inventing it.

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