This very fun “holiday” is on the week-end this year, (tomorrow, to be exact,) which will be great for the many celebrations that are sure to take place around the country.  It’s a really special day to celebrate, whether you imbibe or not.  I don’t drink, at all, but I love partying with my pals.

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 4.51.06 PMThis date was especially festive during my clubbing years, when I would get together with a few hundred of my close, personal friends.  Everybody seems to be especially happy and crazy when piñatas and tacos abound.  Even donning a sombrero, and perhaps a fake mustache, as well, get revelers in the right mood.  Add a mariachi band, and you’re all set for some real Mexican entertainment!

I think that my all-time favorite Cinco de Mayo was four years ago in Brooklyn, with my pals Helen and Sharon.  We had dinner at a happening place, in our very own neighborhood, that I had wanted to try for awhile.  There’s a street not far from my house there that’s its own little restaurant row, which features many ethnic eateries.  And guess what the moniker of this particular restaurant is?  Cinco de Mayo!!!  How ideal was that?!  I love when things work out perfectly like that!  (And the food was good, too.  If I still had my New York abode, I would return for that meal many a time.)

I don’t drink at all, and certainly not tequila, but bring on the guacamole and Mexican coke!  If ever there was an excuse to drink that favorite beverage of mine, this was it!  [Note: I stopped drinking soda shortly after that, so this turned-out to be sort-of my last hurrah in that category.]

Cinco De Mayo restaurant on Cortelyou Road. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Cinco De Mayo restaurant on Cortelyou Road. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Okay, I have to tell you this quick little apropos story, which happened right now!  Here I am, working on this column in the middle of the night, and because I can’t sleep, yet am too bleary-eyed to actually write anymore, I decided to start looking for images to go along with this article.  So, after surfing the web and choosing some of the cute cartoonish ones, I thought that I should try to find a photo of the restaurant I mentioned above.  There were only a few of those, and the very first one that came up in my Google search was the best one, by far.  So, I saved it, and then decided to search through my personal pix to see if maybe I took any the night I was at the eatery with my friends.  And voila—there they were, right in a folder on my desktop!  But imagine my shock when I realized that one of them was…the pic I had just taken off the web!  Yet here it was in my own personal taken-by-me photos from my last hurrah in Brooklyn!  So, I went back and checked Google, and it said, “Photo by Karen Salkin.”  I had published it three years ago, when I was looking back on my last weeks in my house there!!!  OMG—that really jolted me awake!  It made me feel so famous!  So, here it is for you guys now, courtesy of…ME!!!

Maybe this is what my Kentucky Derby topper should look like!

Maybe this is what my Kentucky Derby topper should look like!

That really fun little surprise gave me a head start on having a good Cinco de Mayo, a week before actual May 5.  And I hope to have an even better one tomorrow, although I have a feeling it will be mainly in the house because…there’s so much sports on!!! The NBA Play-offs continue, I found some previously-unknown-to-me TV stations that show almost all the Yankees and Mets games, and most special of all—it’s Derby Day! The Kentucky Derby is giving me a bit of an issue, though, because I don’t know how to shape a derby hat to look like a giant taco!!! I just hope that some of the people who will show up on TV will have been creative enough to combine the two. I can’t wait to see them!

But no worries about me—I promise that Mr. X and I will be feasting on Mexican fare throughout it all. And playing the maracas in commercials.

I wish you all a festive Cinco de Mayo, as well.  Ole!  (Just please, please, please, everyone—do not, under any circumstances, drink and drive!!!)


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