I went to the Fall version of the Los Angeles Westside Food & Wine Festival last year, and had an excellent time. So I’m expecting more of the same for this upcoming summer edition.

Some of the atmosphere. Photo by Roz Wolf.

Some of the atmosphere. Photo by Roz Wolf.

It’s an indoor-outdoor event that takes place this coming Sunday afternoon, July 21st, at the Courtyard by Marriott Los Angeles Westside in Culver City, and the price of admission allows you to eat and drink all you want for the duration.

This Festival features a nice assortment of tasty tidbits. Some will be from restaurants, some caterers, some snack places, and there will even be a few little bites to save for later, like energy bars. And for the imbibers, there will be many alcoholic beverages.

At the previous one, there were also a few little gifts, like tote bags and certificates for various food items, so I can’t wait to see what’s on offer this time.

The portrait of Karen Salkin.  Or is it really Lindsey Stirling?

The portrait of Karen Salkin. Or is it really Lindsey Stirling?

I understand from Los Angeles Westside Food & Wine Festival veterans that this event always has different auxiliary entertainments, such as music or roving magicians. When I attended in the Fall, I noticed people getting their portraits painted, for just a donation to the artist. So I joined in the fun by getting mine done, as well. I loved that she worked on my blue eyes first. And, at my request, she gave me an artistic bangs trim. So I was happy. And it’s been giving Mr. X and me fun ever since because he said the portrait looks more like hip-hop violinist Lindsey Stirling than yours truly. So we got to tell Lindsey that amusing tale when we met her earlier this year, and she got as big a kick out of it as we still do!

But I’m sure that the food tastings will be the main attraction for most, so here are just some of the ones I’m looking forward to the most:  My favorite pizza in town will be provided by LaRocco’s Pizzeria—it truly tastes like the ones in my native Brooklyn, where the best pizza comes from! There will also be sandwiches from Jimmy John’s; Mr. X has been the voice of their radio ads for years now, so I look forward to finally trying one! And, of course, the Marriott Hotel itself will be serving something from its always-good catering.

LaRocco's Pizza.

LaRocco’s Pizza. Is your mouth watering?!

For the people who enjoy a tipple or two, there will be about a dozen purveyors of alcohol. But, if like me, you don’t imbibe, there will also be different waters, teas, and kombucha. Trust me—nobody will go thirsty that day. Nor hungry!

So, the Los Angeles Westside Food & Wine Festival provides all that fun, food, potent potables, live jazz, a photo booth, and more for just one little price. How easy is that?!

Making the entire event even more special is that it’s all for a great cause; a portion of the proceeds from the Westside Food and Wine Festival will go to the Westside Food Bank. Their mission is to end hunger in our communities by providing access to free and nutritious food. What could be more important than all that?!

For tickets, and all the information you can possibly need on the LA Westside Food and Wine Festival, just click here: www.eventbrite.com/e/los-angeles-westside-summer-july-foodwine-fest-benefits-westside-food-bank-tickets-55093030738.post-content.


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