As someone who happily attended Karen Michelle’s previous lovely event, I’m suggesting that all my SoCal readers get tickets to her upcoming one. And guess what—they’re free!!! You cannot get a better deal than that! So book now.

The invitation.

The invitation.

I highly suggest, though, that to get some great extra perks, you purchase either the VIP or VVIP tix. But you’ll have fun with the free admission, no matter what. (The web site below explains the difference between the choices.)

The hallmarks of all of Karen’s events are shopping, runway fashion shows, beauty booths, and even a dessert reception.

Her Celebration Expo will take place on Sunday, September 15th, 2019, at her usual beautiful venue, the Luxe Hotel on Sunset in Brentwood. Her last event was jam-packed with so many activities that my friend and I didn’t know which to do first!

This one’s motto is “An event for your special event.” That means that the focus will be on how to put together your own party, fete, or soirees. And the Celebration Expo will have an emphasis on brides and all their celebrations, up to and including the weddings.

Part of the shopping area.   Photo by Karen Salkin.

Part of the shopping area. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Since Karen Michelle owns her own Los Angeles clothing and jewelry boutique, (not to mention a fabulous candle company!,) she really knows how to organize extravaganzas such as this one.

At her last one, there was one ballroom-sized indoor area with all the shopping opportunities. That was surrounded by two garden spaces, where the fashion shows will be held this time. Since I was a model for so many years, (including participating in wonderful celebrity fashion shows when I was doing my television show—boy, do I have stories from those!,) I’m always happy to support others in that field. So seeing people stroll the catwalk, especially in bridal gowns, will be fun.

One of the patio areas.   Photo by Karen Salkin.

One of the patio areas. Photo by Karen Salkin.

And I believe that there will be snacks, like pizza and wraps, for sale all day. There may even be a raffle or two. I’m sure there will be a few surprises, as well. And there will always be lots of fun mingling to be done.

And even better—you may, hopefully, run into yours truly! Please come up and say hi, even if I’m stuffing my face or getting my nails done. Or, most likely, chatting, of course! (Just not if I’m negotiating a purchase. Unless you’re good at that type of thing. Then I can use all the help I can get!)

I hope to see you all there!

For all tickets and more info, go to www.lybevents.com.


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