As even non-ballet fans know, the holidays just never seem official without seeing The Nutcracker. And this year, I’m soooo excited to see the one presented by the Long Beach Ballet, which I’ve heard about for awhile now.

Clara in The Nutcracker.

Clara in The Nutcracker.

As much as I love seeing interesting modern takes, (such as the versions by Matthew Bourne,) on famous ballets like this one, (which I’m sure you all know by now,) I really adore classical ballets the most. That’s my first cultural love. I’ve actually been craving them for a few years now. So this Long Beach Ballet rendition, which is here for just the one week-end this month, will be quite the treat. It’s the perfect way to celebrate finally being able to go out again for the holidays!

I’m so excited to see this classic ballet staged by this company in particular. I’ve heard great things about them over the years, and now I’ll finally get to witness that greatness in person!

The company of Long Beach Ballet's The Nutcracker.

The company of Long Beach Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

Goldstar audiences have even voted this one to be “Best-Loved Nutcracker in the Nation” in 2018 and 2019, when the world was still normal. And the Los Angeles Times raved, “Crammed with special effects, the familiar Long Beach Ballet version of The Nutcracker has nearly everything money can buy. For opulent, family-oriented, entertainment–seek no further.” That’s exactly what I need to witness right now.

On top of what I expect to be spectacular dancing and visuals, all five performances will feature a full symphony orchestra. That is the only way to see a ballet, in my book.

I don’t want to ruin anything for you, so all I can say is that there will be over two-hundred dancers and a ton of on-stage surprises, including magical special effects.

I hope that I’ve just whetted your appetite as much as I’ve whetted my own! I seriously can’t wait! I’m like a little kid wanting to open my holiday presents right this very second.

The company of Long Beach Ballet's The Nutcracker.

The company of Long Beach Ballet’s The Nutcracker.

By the way, I was shocked to discover that this will be the Long Beach Ballet’s thirty-ninth year presenting The Nutcracker! How is it even possible that I’ve lived so close-by, in Los Angeles, for soooo many years, and this will be my very first time seeing it! I’m so thrilled that I’ll finally be righting that wrong next week-end. It will be my way of wishing myself Happy Holidays!!! I hope that all of you, too, will treat yourselves to what I’m sure will be a special afternoon or evening. Maybe I’ll even see you there. Dance on over and say hi.

Long Beach Ballet’s The Nutcracker running December 17-19, 2021 (Five performances only!)
Terrace Theatre at the Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center
300 E. Ocean Blvd.  Long Beach 562-426-4112


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