Around this time last year, I was due to see this ballet company that I heard is wonderful. And then I hurt my back and had to stay in the house for a long time. I planned to catch another performance of the Luminario Ballet again this summer, when I was up and around, but it was the one week that I had to be in New York. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the third time, on January 29, will be the charm!

It’s a one-night-only event, or else you know that I’d check it out first to let you know if you should see it. But I’m trusting the opinion of a couple of pals who really know their dance, so I feel safe recommending it. And, since it’s absolutely the most affordable dance program ever, (general admission is only $40, and $20 for students,) I feel it’s worth a look-see. Here are the deets, as they were presented to me by the powers-that-be:

This world premiere is touted to be a “beautifully stunning, heartbreaking, and captivating version of Shubert’s Winterreise.” It will also feature poems by W. Muller, circa 1824, for the “first time in the composition’s history,” along with music provided by pianist Francois Chouchan and baritone Christopher Herbert. (Both of whom I missed in what I understand was a fabulous performance on my birthday week-end at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, as part of Le Salon de Musiques.) [Note: I know that last part was not a complete sentence, but it portrayed my drift.]

And since this is being staged at the intimate First Presbyterian Church in Santa Monica, every seat is supposed to be good. (And, please–remember to flatten your hair, not wear a hat or high-standing doo-dad on your head, and especially, NO PERFUME!!! It’s just gross to sit near people who reek, especially in such a small venue.)

Looking forward to the ballet itself and to seeing you all there!

Luminario Ballet on January 29, 2011                                                                                                                                                                                                              First Presbyterian Church of Santa Monica 1220 2nd Street Santa Monica    310-498-0257 or 818-395-6506 www.luminarioballet.org



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