I’m so exhausted from this show that I can’t even write a long review! The energy on that stage is incredible! I’m so glad that Riverdance intersperses singing and spectacular instrumentals among the dance numbers so the audience can catch its collective breath.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Riverdance is basically a revue of Irish folk dance and music. Here are some of my quick thoughts on the presentation:

This is their farewell tour, but I have a feeling the troupe will be back with another show of the same ilk, sort-of like Cirque du Soleil does. (That one is always a circus, just with different acts and a different theme. I think there should be a Riverdance II, with differently choreographed numbers and different auxiliary acts. And, have I just used the word “different” enough???)

Though all the dancers are amazing, I don’t feel that the boy and girl leads are really as strong as ones in their positions should be. They’re both awe-inspiring, nonetheless.


Photo by Jack Hartin

Photo by Jack Hartin

How do the girls do those jumping up-and-down moves without the same action taking place on their chests???

The female flamenco dancer blew everyone away. I loved the number she did with the male Irish dancers. The juxtaposition of her moving only her arms in a stunning manner, while they were moving only their legs in just as dynamic a manner was breathtaking.

One of the troupe’s basic dance moves, putting their feet together and moving both ankles side-to-side in a split second, is how I messed-up my ankle to begin with! Only my rendition of the move wasn’t voluntary.

As amazing as the dancers were, the musicians, on instruments that are not the norm to this country, were their equals.

LOVED the regular tap dances! And the number where they traded styles with the Irish tappers was my favorite.

The sextet of Russian dancers was dizzying, in a good way. They each must have the greatest equilibrium ever! If I did even one of those turns, I’d still be losing my lunch.

I had so many more observations on opening night, but I was too enthralled with the performances to write them down. So, I feel that this show is not to be missed, and that everyone has to see Riverdance at least once in his or her life. Since this is the farewell tour, it has to be now. Enjoy!

Riverdance running through February 24, 2010Pantages Theatre  6233 Hollywood Blvd. 800-982-2787  

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