It’s been recently brought to my attention that I haven’t weighed-in on Dancing With The Stars for two months, since Week #1!!! Readers have been asking if I’ve changed my opinions of any of the dancing couples since then.

So, let me say right now–please vote for Alfonso and Whitney tonight!!! The phone number for them is 800-868-3401, (which I’ll repeat at the end.)

Alfonso and Witney doing the beloved "Carlton Dance."  The number to vote for them is 800-868-3401.

Alfonso and Witney doing the beloved “Carlton Dance.” The number to vote for them is 800-868-3401.

You know how much I believe in fairness, and if anyone other than Alfonso Ribeiro wins this seasons’s Dancing With The Stars, it’s definitely not fair!

Yes, he was a professional dancer when he was little, but so were a number of the other contestants, including co-finalist, Janel Parrish. (I have a feeling she’s bucking to get a musical theatre career going with this show, because she keeps mentioning that she’s also a singer.)

But Bethany Mota is still on the show only because her pro partner, Derek Hough, is an absolute genius! Any lummox, (which she is,) who’s lucky enough to be partnered with him is a lock to make it to the Final. [Note: Again, I’m reminding you all that the correct word is the singular “Final,” not the plural “Finals,” since it is, indeed, just one final! Please take note, every host, judge, and contestant on these stupid-yet-entertaining competition shows!!!]

The fourth finalist is goony young ‘un Sadie Robertson from the creepy-looking “reality show,” Duck Dynasty. (Has anyone out there reading this even ever watched it?) She does seem to be a sweet girl who’s grown on me a bit, and her dancing has greatly improved, but she and her weirdo pro partner, Mark Ballas, are the worst duo left.

It’s also strange that three of the four supposed celebs, (which the three girls are definitely not,) are young girls between the ages of seventeen and twenty-five. How stacked could the producers have made this season??? All of the oldsters have suffered major injuries. And Alfonso is dancing with a bad groin and back!!! The show is skewing younger all the time in the producers’ efforts to keep the viewers in the correct demographic for advertisers! So unfair.

Which brings me back to my fairness premise. Even if you don’t watch the show, but crave the correct outcome, as I do, please vote for Alfonso and his adorable, deserving-the-win-this-season partner, Witney Carson. You can vote by phone anytime between your own 8PM and 11PM tonight. The number to call is 800-868-3401. It’s not a big time commitment for you because they allow only a few calls per phone line.

You can also go onto, and vote a few more times on-line.

I really appreciate it! And so do the gods of fairness!!!


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  1. Yay! All of us who voted for Alfonso and Witney can share in their win! I’m so proud of all of us for helping to get the fair outcome. And, of course, big props to that fabulous duo!


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