Again, in no particular order:

Niecy’s dancing actually had me verklempt!!! Even her fingers were graceful last night. And her face actually looked pretty in the close-ups. And she cracked me up, which is very hard to do, unless you’re Mr. X, Dame Edna, Chris Rock, Jackie Mason, May Rose Salkin, or Ronnie Hazel, Jr.

1269972380_niecy-290I was shocked at how bad Evan was! Even though I’m far from a fan, I, erroneously, expected him to be the best. Did anyone else notice that he was so pigeon-toed? And that he literally had nothing to say? And that he was blank again, and didn’t smile for his competitors? That’s just how he is in his skating career.

As I watched Jake, The Bachelor, try to move, I couldn’t help but think how awful sex with him must be. But at least the colors of his and Chelsie’s outfits were mouth-watering.

Nicole looks a lot like Sophia Vergara, the Columbian bombshell on Modern Family. If she and Derek Hough don’t win this season, it’s just not fair. I would have given that jive last night a 10, as two of the judges did.

I still can’t over last year’s break-up of Maks and Karina. They appeared to be the perfect couple. Some idiots have written that he might be seeing his partner this year, Erin Andrews. I say no way would he be attracted to someone so goony, ungraceful, and unsexy, who’s always hunched-over. At least I hope not!

Brooke keeps wearing my old outfits! But, unlike moi, she stands so insecurely in them, which ruins the line. She’s still better than that creep Samantha Harris, though. But she’s got to stop making the interviews about her! Especially with her former partner, Derek.

I absolutely loved Buzz Aldrin dancing to Fly Me To The Moon! Sometimes the producers actually get the music right. That number was so charming. And I love Ashly’s blue dress, and how adorable she is with Buzz.

Pamela Anderson did great! You go girl.

I think Chad Ochocinco is adorable, but he’s badly in need of the posture bar.

And once again, last night proved that the choice of music makes all the difference.

I hope that the one who goes home tonight is Evan or Kate. Fingers crossed.


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