This one’s short, but definitely sweet–big congratulations to So You Think You Can Dance-Season 6 winner, Russell Ferguson! He’s the krump dancer from Boston, in case you’ve been living under a rock. (Or are just not into fabulous dancing.)


russell-ferguson-2401-cropped2Not to toot my own horn, but from the first second I saw him dance way back during the audition shows, I shouted, “Winner!” Mr. X is my witness. And I never wavered from that, even though runner-up Jakob Karr, is the most incredible dancer I’ve ever seen. (And I’ve seen Baryshnikov in person several times.) But it’s rarely the best dancer who wins; as the show producers keep reminding us, it’s favorite dancer, not best.

And Russell is no slouch in either department. But I actually have no more to say on the topic. Those who watch the show know, and those who don’t also don’t care. But I just wanted to add my two cents to Russell’s props and let him know, if he’s reading this, that every time he dances, he puts a smile on my face that’s as big as his winning (in all senses of the word) one always is!


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