Mr. X and I agree on few things in life (except for the fact that Clarence, the Singing Dog, is the most special being in the world), so when we do, I always think that means that we’re super-correct. And, since the first show of Season 2, we’ve watched every second of the Fox series So You Think You Can Dance. And usually love it.



But right about now, except for this season’s Russell and Jacob, we’re pretty p-oed. I’m writing this on the night they announced the Top 6, which alone is upsetting me because the finale has always been the Top 4. They’re probably just trying to make it end before Christmas week. I feel like they’ve bum-rushed us through this whole truncated season!

Anyhoo, the reason for our dissatisfaction is that they let the audience vote for a girl who didn’t even dance this week!!! And the show is called So You Think You Can DANCE! Guess what? We KNOW Ashleigh didn’t DANCE!!! So how did they keep her in the running??? Unbelievable.

So, next season, here’s an idea for the dancers who don’t think they’ll have a good week–just say that you’re injured, but the public should vote for you anyway. It’s insane!

Hey, I love Hugh Jackman. We all know he can sing, dance, and act. So, let’s vote him an Oscar this year. Oh, he didn’t have a film out–we all just know he was good in the past, so what the heck. Hat seems to be an argument that would make sense to the producers of SYTYCD.

On top of it, it’s not even like this girl is a superior dancer! She’s okay, but that’s about it. In all the pre-Top 20 auditions, they let her slide, telling her all along she wasn’t very good. But they loved her handsome, yet jerky, husband, Ryan, so they kind-of let her hang-on. Then he made the Top 20, which is where the voting starts, and she didn’t. But when a much better dancer dropped-out for a movie gig, they put Ashleigh through.

Then, for some unknown reason, they paired her with one of the best guy dancers we’ve ever seen!!! Jacob continuously leaves our mouths hanging open. And the viewers vote for couples the first five weeks, rather than individuals. (In more weirdness, for their first Fall, as opposed to Summer, season, the judges picked the eliminated duos for the first two weeks, also because of scheduling conflicts. The whole thing is maddening.)

So, this is how it went: they let the viewers vote for Ashleigh, just on her begging and her husband’s teary pleas, telling us how much she deserved it. Never mind that the other three girls danced their hearts out on the actual competition show, not once, not twice, but THREE TIMES each!!! And then one of them got eliminated!!! You’ve got to be kidding me! Mr. X is even more upset than I am.

So, I think I’ll try out next year, because, I promise, I really did used to be an excellent dancer. And because Mr. X thinks I should be on it!

(I actually think the producers were truing their best to keep both husband and wife on, thinking that more people would come to their show for the “aahhhh” factor of seeing a real-life couple connect physically.)

And while I’m all worked-up over this show, here are some more things that are wrong with it:

I’m sure that host Cat Deeley is a lovely person, but she conducts herself in that phony British “presenter” way that is soooo annoying! Her whole bit may work in the mother land, but it’s just downright creepy here, with her always picking at her nails and saying stupid phony nonsense.

Her latest affectation this season is calling people “reprobates”–it seems that she’s learned a new word, but unfortunately, not the definition! has the nicest definition as “a depraved, unprincipled, or wicked person.” This is what she’s called Nigel Lythgoe, the executive producer, several times, (maybe he is–she should know better than I!) AND some of the dancers families and friends!!! She thinks she’s being cute. What an idiot. [I finally called someone an idiot in print! I guess the honeymoon phase is over with you guys. Yay! So, welcome to me, because I call everyone idiots in person.]


And I hate the new bigger, farther-away stage this season–it’s so non-inclusive. If we wanted to see people dance from that far-away perspective, we can just go to the theatre. The fun of the show was that the dancers were always so up-close and personal that we felt that we were part of it.

Last complaint, but certainly not least, is that the judges are wind-bags. Shut up already! One sentence is enough! If they have too much time to kill, make the shows shorter and don’t torture us!

But, I love talented dancers so much, that even with all this, Mr. X and I will keep watching. And I’ll keep ranting about the things that should be done so much better than they currently are. Maybe I’ll start my own show called So You think You Can Do It Better! {This is copy written, so don’t get any ideas.}




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