I can’t believe that another Olympics Games is already in the books. I’m so relieved that no horrors happened and the safety of all concerned was intact.

And, as in withdrawal from them as I am, I’m also relieved that they’re over and I can return to normal life now! But not before I give you many of my thoughts I was able to jot down during events.

Here are the highlights, with my skating reflections first, and the rest in the order that I wrote them:




The true, deserved joy of Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The true, deserved joy of Meryl Davis and Charlie White. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The absolute highlight (at that point in the Games, and still at the end,) was Meryl Davis and Charlie White’s win in the Ice Dancing competition. I thought I was going to have a heart attack during their long program, praying that nothing would go wrong for them. (I’m not being dramatic…my heart was pounding out of my chest, literally.) They totally deserved to win with how they were skating all season, and you know how much I care about fairness.

Nancy Kerrigan—let’s count how many times she’s says, “You know” and, “I mean.” They had her in-studio a few times to give extra commentary, (although I don’t know why—they already had at least six other commentators throughout the two weeks,) and everything she said was weak, in every way. For example, here’s a direct quote: “I mean she tends sometimes in the past to under rotate some of the jumps and things.” Everything about that sentence was wrong!!!

But I must give her some props on her discussion on the last night, with Bob Costas, on the situation with Tonya Harding twenty years ago. I believe her when she says it was basically just a blip in her life, and she’s way past it. So, good for her!

Even Al Michaels loves Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski! One night, this is how he ended the segment with them, “Alright, you super-duper stars, go out and get some dinner.” That was unexpected.

During the figure skating competitions, why do the commentators always mention only some choreographers and not others? Same for coaches. I never got that.

Little Russian skater Yulia Lipnitskaya’s coach didn’t even comfort her when she came off the ice after a fall in the short program!!!! What a creep! This is a baby girl. How could she be so heartless?

Polina Edmunds, the youngest American skater, said, “Me and my brothers…” Why are so many young people so illiterate? And, more importantly, why does no one correct them???

Why would Polina miss the opening ceremony of her first Olympics, that she was so happy to go to? She’s not in contention for a medal, so why be so serious?

And I hate her flat hand when she spins. It’s so un-artistic.

I was sick for Mao Asada after the short program disaster, but so happy for her to show them how its done in the long program. She’s been my favorite skater since she first came on the scene as a tween, and she still is, deservedly so.

China's Li Zijun.

China’s Li Zijun.

The most beautiful look on the ice, (dress, jewels, etc.) belonged to China’s Li Zijun, especially in the long program.

But the poor little girl has the most awful hairline. That’s of course not her fault, (and don’t we all have a beauty cross to bear?,) but her team needs to help a girl out with a new ‘do!

I absolutely cannot stand the way Gracie Gold talks. She dentalizes so much, especially at the end of sentences, that she sounds like she’s making everything that ends in “t” and “d” plural. And she drones on in a cold monotone. Ugh.

She’s actually so cold in general; she reminds me a bit of Gene Tierney’s evil character in Leave Her To Heaven.

And the commentators need to stop trying to shove her down our throats as “America’s Sweetheart.” No one outside of the skating world even knows who she is! One needs warmth and personality to be awarded that title, like maybe a female version of grateful male skater, Jason Brown.

Johnny Weir, in all his glory, looking like he should star in Cabaret!   Photo by Karen Salkin.

Johnny Weir, in all his glory, looking like he should star in Cabaret! Photo by Karen Salkin.

I love how much Johnny Weir cared about pronouncing everyone’s names correctly. That’s a guy after my own heart.

During the skating, they kept mentioning the sports’ luminaries in attendance, but didn’t even show them much. Shame.

And the commentators never mention layback spins anymore, which Dick Button always did. (He’s the one who made me so aware of them to begin with.) I miss that, especially because so many of them are awful nowadays, with them not counting for many points in the new system.

I wish they mentioned how graceful the Korean girls are.

I love all the bling on many of the costumes.

I like that France’s athletic Maé Bérénice Méité wore pants in the long program, rather than a dress; she was the only one.

They keep forgetting about Worlds, that are coming up in March!

I hate Gracie Gold more with each sighting. She’s always a bi-atch to her coach, Frank Carroll, and even though I’m not a fan of his, either, that’s just rude. She’s always pushing right past him. (Mr. X is the one who noticed it first, during the Nationals.)

She seems so cold and calculating.

I’d rather hang with poor, not good-looking Akiko Suzuki, who seems so darling.

I’m so happy for the Russian girl who won, Adelina Sotnikova, and I really respect her grit, but it probably should have been Yuna Kim. The judges let the Russian crowd sway them. (If you missed it yesterday, you can read about the controversy surrounding this one here:

Even though Johnny Weir pulled fellow commentator Tara Lipinski along in his growing fame, she’s still an idiot. This is what she said about Adelina’s long program: “She made one mistake, but that was a flawless free skate.” I hope you all realize just what is wrong with that sentence–it can’t be flawless if there was a mistake! Flaw-less means without any flaws! Duh!

I hate to say it, but I’m so glad the American girls came away with nothing. They’re all so obnoxious.

Peter Tchernachev even more gorgeous than ever! I’m so sad he moved back to Russia!

I’m really happy for Italy’s Carolina Kostner, bronze medalist.

But her dress was gorgeous from the front, but way too naked in the back and it took so much away from it. It wasn’t attractive or sexy, and her back was a different color from her face and legs. And it had so many moles on it you could play connect the dots!!!

This was the first time I heard of Gracie Gold having a twin sister, which is a little strange. She always operates as an only child. If I had a twin, I’d shout it from the rooftops.

I love that Adelina skated wearing hip bracelets and rings!

The three American bitches female skaters sat apart on the NBC couch, during a post-competition interview with Bob Costas, with no interaction WHATSOEVER!!!

As time is going on, I’m a bit surprised at how sour Yuna Kim has been about her second place finish, deservedly so or not. I thought she was above stuff like that.

Adelina Sotnikova, taking a short program bow.  In addition to teeth whitener, maybe someone should get her a better razor!  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Adelina Sotnikova, taking a short program bow. In addition to teeth whitener, maybe someone should get her a better razor! Photo by Karen Salkin.

Adelina is cute with her hair down, and as I already mentioned, I love her hip bracelets and rings, that I’ve never seen anyone else ever skate with, but she totally needs teeth whitener. Maybe now she can afford some! Hers would be very easy to whiten, which is not he case with everyone.

I think Johnny Weir summed it the whole skating event up best; he said, “It’s figure skating. It’s always been a weird little world.” I hear ya, honey!




Olympic Champion David Wise and fam.

Olympic Champion David Wise and fam.

My absolute new favorite athlete is David Wise, who took the gold in ski half-pipe. What a lovely, intelligent guy, as opposed to the “dudes” these guys usually are. His interview with Bob Costas is a classic to me. He’s twenty-two, but is married with a kid. And that situation is definitely not against his will—everyone’s spouse should be as happy in a relationship as he is! Love that guy!!!

I loved the Belarusian biathlete, Daria Domracheva, who won three Gold Medals. She seemed so lovely.

On the flip side, I’m really sad for U.S. snowboarder Lindsay Jacobellis.

I love Mac Bohonnon, the young aerial skier; he’s adorable, in every way that I could see.

Alex Deibold, eyeing the female reporter. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Alex Deibold, eyeing the female reporter. Photo by Karen Salkin.

I’m so happy for, and like and respect, Alex Deibold, who won a snowboard cross medal; at the last Olympic go-round, he was just there as a ski technician! That’s perseverance for you! But what was up with that look he gave Tina Dixon, who was doing the post-race interview? It was like, “your room or mine?” Even Mr. X noticed it!

I really do enjoy the travel pieces about the cities these games are in, but Mary Carillo is so annoying! I hate how she’s talking to the host, usually Bob Costas, and tries to make like her lead-in is so conversational, but she’s soooo reading it. It’s awful, and uncomfortable to watch.

I really feel for the Russian Hockey team—it must be devastating. [I wrote this when they lost a medal chance, little knowing that the Americans would come away unadorned, as well.]

One of the best bits of information I got is that Teemu Selanne has a restaurant in Laguna Beach! I can’t wait to go. I just hope the meat doesn’t taste like hockey pucks!!! (Get it?)

Apolo Ohno was the perfect commentator! Big props to him!

Bob Costas was his usual fun, uber-intelligent self.

Some of the U.S. hockey guys are kind of cute.

I had to adjust the sound every time Dan Patrick came on; I never realized before just how cutting his voice is. My ears were bleeding from him!

I can’t believe that there are enough people who do these dangerous snowboard and ski sports to warrant competitions, let alone be an Olympic sport! I would give up every secret I have to not have to do even one minute of these events. It would be like Hunger Games to me!

The U.S. was a little too smug and happy about the Russian hockey team’s crushing loss, so they should have been uber-embarrassed when the skating and hockey girls came up short. And the men, too!!!

American freestyle ski champions Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Nick Goepper.

American freestyle ski champions Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Nick Goepper.

One of my favorite moments was when Americans Joss Christensen, Gus Kenworthy, and Nick Goepper swept the podium in ski freestyle.

I’m so glad that NBC did a tribute piece to the late ski half-piper, Sarah Burke. That’s a crushing loss to the world.

Young victor in that sport, Maddie Bowman, was so well-spoken, especially about Sarah Burke. Upon winning, she said, “I think every girl here tries to embody that, and it takes all of us to fill her shoes.” I also love that she’s the only person who said the next day about her victory, “It was so real last night,” rather than the pat “surreal.”

American results were disappointing in so many sports: short track, long track, figure skating, hockey.

Ted Ligety.

Ted Ligety.

Ted Ligety is adorable. But, as much as I like the shape of his teeth, he needs new front caps.

I really enjoyed the creative on-air symbols for each sport.

Youngest ski champion, American Mikaela Shiffrin, said about having a cold during her run, “It’s not easy, but I mean everybody has their challenges, so…I’m lucky to be out here racing.” Good attitude, girlfriend!

Great piece on the J.R. Celski-Macklemore friendship. Nice.

It’s been a hard Olympics on ice for the U.S.

I feel terrible for Jessica Smith of short track.

Somehow, Apolo Ohno sounds somewhat like Ato Bolden, another commentator who speaks beautifully and does an excellent job.

Victor Ahn.

Victor Ahn.

I don’t have the strength to write the story of Russian (formerly Korean) speed skating champion, Victor Ahn, right now, but you really should research it. It’s fascinating.

I cannot believe that Bob Costas does not have a smartphone!!! He has a flip phone, like I did till last April! And I thought I was being the most behind-the-times person ever. Apparently not. (But I bet he has a slew of assistants with the best phones.)

The most disappointing statement I heard in the entire eighteen days came from L.A. King hockey player, Jonathan Quick. He said, “You don’t come here for the experience, you come here to win something.” What idiot! That’s the opposite of what the Olympics is supposed to be about! It’s about taking part and trying your best, not winning.

Another idiot, daytime NBCSN host Rebecca Lowe, who always misspeaks, did another bad grammar mistake near the end, and still no one corrects her! (Or she just doesn’t accept the information.) This time, she asked someone, “What are [someone]’s outlook today?” It should have been “is,” of course, which I know you all knew.

The Dutch won not just a slew of medals, (mostly in long-track speed skating,) but they also won the award for owning my two favorite Olympic names–Sjinkie Knegt and Freek van der Wart! Loving them!

I’m so happy for the three Norway cross country skiing girls and four biathlon Russian guys.

The bobsledding Steves, Holcomb and Langton.

The bobsledding Steves, Holcomb and Langton.

I’m also happy for U.S. bobsledders, Steve Holcomb and Steve Langton, who came away with two bronzes.

I love seeing happy bronze medalists!

I finally heard young American cross-country skier, Noah Hoffman, speak at the very end, and he was fabulous. He even said he was happy for the Russians to sweep at home in his own discipline!: “I’m really excited for them on their home soil.”

The closing ceremony was gorgeous, but they really made me angry during the ballet portion of the proceedings. We had the opportunity to revel in real Russian ballet, but instead, NBC cut to shots of a chandelier about a dozen times, no exaggeration. Shame on them for that!

To sum up, with so many injuries and disappointments, it was all almost too painful for me…but I can’t wait until the next one. Rio 2016, here we come!


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  1. How dare you say that Yuna Kim has acted badly after receiving her silver medal? In spite of the fact that this was an OBVIOUS robbery, clear to anyone that knows anything about figure skating, she graciously accepted her medal. She gave interview after interview saying that she could not comment on the judging and that she was simply happy that she was able to finish out her skating career with clean performances. She hugged Adelina Sotnikova immediately afterwards, even though Adelina only wanted to coldly shake Yuna’s hand. Adelina was always the one with the bad attitude: walking out during Yuna’s post-skate interview, snubbing her during the flower ceremony, posting negative comments about Yuna on social media sites, etc. Yuna Kim is the picture of class and sportsmanship. She doesn’t even talk about the Sochi Olympics anymore. It is the millions of fans worldwide that would like to return fair judging to the sport of figure skating who are unwilling to let the issue go.

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