This most recent hundred columns took longer to achieve than usual because it was just one of the many tiny casualties of the pandemic. In normal life, INAM is a full week-daily e-zine. (Meaning we publish a new original content column each week-day.)

No worries here--I'm not writing another milestone column until 2,200, (or even 2,222!,) not 2,110, as this image is indicating!

No worries here–I’m not writing another milestone column until 2,200, (or even 2,222!,) not 2,110, as this image is indicating!

But for the past eight months, there has been nothing happening for me to review for you! There have been no parties, no play openings, no screenings, no gifting suites, and actually no events of any kind! Yes, some restaurants have been open for outside dining, but I’m not going to risk my life to do a restaurant review, even though eateries need the publicity now more than ever.

But, as the saying goes: nothing lasts forever, not even your troubles. So I’m sure there will be plenty of activities in another six months or so. And the situation is forcing me to be even more creative in coming up with topics to keep my readers engaged and entertained.

In one of the few instances of me being proud of myself, though, this occasion is one of them, in a few ways. Not only am I thrilled that I’ve gotten to the 2,100st column milestone, but that I kept this whole thing going while staying in the house for so long sort-of amazes even me! My usual tales are of my glamorous life, but since it’s on hiatus, (along with my looks!,) I’ve had to work really hard to come up with interesting content a few times a week. And trust me—that’s been far from an easy accomplishment!

This colorful image is supposedly of 2,100 peeps! But really--who's going to count them?

This colorful image is supposedly of 2,100 peeps! But really–who’s going to count them?

And looking back over my previous milestone columns, (which I do occasionally for inspiration,) I reminded myself how proud I am of all the creative images I choose for much of my work. I work almost as hard on finding appropriate and interesting images for each tale as I do on on the actual words! Some are my own photos, (like all the ones in my previous column, my Asparagus Stix recipe, for which I took sixty pix, all of one green vegetable—trust me, that was work!,) and many, like the ones for today, are the result of hours of image-searching. [Note: This is actually my weakest batch because there’s not much out there for the number 2,100!]

Another interesting thing about today’s article is that it usually takes me about six months to publish each new hundred; this time it’s taken double that–almost on entire year!

...exactly what this column is about!

…exactly what this column is about!

I’m not complaining about any of it, though; I’m just explaining. I actually look forward to writing these each-hundredth-column columns because I really have to stretch my mind to come up with something different to say about each new milestone. It gets my creative juices flowing. Or, at the very least, gives my brain a work-out, which we can all use every once in a while, especially during our many couch potato days in the past several months.

So, as much as I’m celebrating my own achievement here, I sincerely want to thank all of you who have stuck by me always, but especially for the past eight months, not to mention the past 2,100 columns!!! That is the real triumph in my eyes!

Thanks sooo much, from the bottom of my heart. And now, on to the next hundred on Monday! See you there.

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