I sort-of hate joining in on telling others to vote; who is each of us to tell another person what to do? But I felt really shallow posting anything else today, with so many of us on edge about these midterm elections. (That stunning drawing at the top of this page is by my fabulous artist and writer friend, Kate Feiffer! I thank her soooo much for letting me use it.)

Karen Salkin, on her way home from voting in 2016.  Her tears of pride turned to tears of pain when the results came in.  Photo by Mr. X.

Karen Salkin, on her way home from voting in 2016. Her tears of pride turned to tears of pain when the results came in. Photo by Mr. X.

So, I’m not telling you; I’m just imploring those of you who are sitting there thinking that you should not make the effort because you’re still depressed about the Presidential Election travesty of two years ago, to vote, because that’s exactly why this country needs your vote today!

I’ve even been wearing blue clothing and jewelry, and rocking blue fingernails and eye make-up, all week, (along with my God-given blue eyes, of course,) as subliminal messages to everyone to “vote blue.”

I really don’t understand people saying simply, “Vote!” No, we do not need any Republicans doing so again. I still can’t understand what could possibly be in those people’s minds! This is serious. My whole life, I had never understood how Hitler could have gotten away with committing his atrocities. He was just one person—how was he not stopped??? And now that I see what our own “Orange Hitler” is perpetrating, it has all, so horrifically, become clear. It’s not just that one evil being who’s a danger to all of our lives—it’s the fools who follow him. That is beyond frightening.

45452624_10217865195129345_5913758659048898560_nSo, please, please, please, if you’re a Democrat, do everything you can to get to the polls today. As I stated in 2016, this time it’s really “not about me”—it’s about the safety and the good and the future of this country.

And if you’re on the fence, please mensch up and decide to do the right thing, and vote Democrat, and help start this country on the road to healing. Let’s at least try to make things right, so we don’t have anything to regret, as anyone who voted for Trump in 2016 should by now.

If you’re a Republican, the election is next week, and you can vote then. (If you’re dumb enough to believe a word that comes out of that creep’s mouth, you’re dumb enough to believe that previous sentence!)

45389612_10213471501969565_6209945114224099328_nIf you’re in Los Angeles, and are confused as to for whom and for what to vote, this should help: www.lacdp.org/endorsements. Other cities’ and states’ Democratic parties have their own endorsements, so please research those, if you’re reading this elsewhere.

And here’s some great news, to help everyone get to the polls today. For Angelenos, there will be free Metro rides: www.thesource.metro.net/2018/10/30/here-are-all-the-agencies-offering-free-transportation-this-election-day. And there will be discounts on car services all around the country, for the same purpose: www.venturebeat.com/2018/11/03/how-uber-lyft-lime-and-zipcar-will-get-voters-to-the-polls-on-election-day.

uc-vote-fullAnd let’s hope that everything works out the right way this time, so that just maybe this country can get back even a modicum of its former dignity, strength, and good reputation.

Vote Blue!



  1. Great column Karen! And thank you for using my illustration. I agree – Democrats and Republicans – we need you to vote blue to erase the orange smudge that has consumed us and traumatized the past two years. Hugs! Kate

    • No, Kate, the thanks goes to YOU for allowing me to use it!!! You’re an artistic genius! I only wish we could have made the image larger at the top, without losing any of it, (including your signature, of course!)

      And, to all my readers, you really need to check-out the rest of Kate’s artwork, and the many books she’s written, as well, at http://www.katefeiffer.com. This woman is truly prolific!!!


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