MY 1,000TH COLUMN!!!


Did you guys notice how we’re celebrating my thousandth column?! We re-vamped the entire website!

I am the last person for change; hence, my same very long, straight hair since I was teen. (Well, with a few disastrous accidents in-between. Remember my “Anybodys” from West Side Story look? That was a horror show.)

Does anyone know what this is, and why it's applicable here? Give up? It's the "Temple of the Warriors, The Thousand Columns!" Get it? Thousand columns to celebrate my thousandth column!

Does anyone know what this is, and why it’s applicable here? Give up? It’s the “Temple of the Warriors, The Thousand Columns!” Get it? Thousand columns to celebrate my thousandth column!

We’d been planning this since the Spring, but I had to take one last torturous trip to New York, (to finish the depressing task of cleaning-out my childhood home,) which took-up not only many weeks out of my life, but most of the space in my mind. And my soul, which is really what runs ItsNotAboutMe.TV.

But now that that soul-sucking situation is almost over, (thank goodness,) I was finally able to turn my attention back to business.

I hope you like this semi-new look, (a leopard can only change so many of her spots at one time,) and that it works for all of us.

Please, please, please let me know what you think of this new web design, yay or nay. I can take it. (I think.)

[Big Note!: I was really hoping the look would be perfect by the time I published today’s milestone column. But, alas, the web designer ran into a few glitches. I couldn’t be more disappointed myself, but I’m asking all of you to please excuse that it’s not totally camera-ready yet. It’s, unfortunately, still a work-in-progress at this point, and I really, really, really hope to have it all looking much, much, much better than this in the next few days. Knock on all the wood I can find!!!]



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