What better way to start off a week than by…celebrating my birthday!!! Even though I’m not a fan of getting older-looking, I’m grateful to still be alive.

As a present to myself, (and actually, to you guys, too!,) I’m going to make this one not my usual tome!

its_my_birthday_balloons_button_custom_badge-r1e2d24fd54bd42d1a4aeec5f752d88c0_k94rf_261But I did just realize something interesting, that I decided to share with you. When I was little and growing up in New York, it was not fun to have a January birthday, not because it came on the heels of the holidays, (most everyone I knew was Jewish, and Channukah is far from the big deal that Christmas is,) but rather because several of my friends would get sick in the winter, and therefore had to miss my birthday parties! I never wanted anyone to be left out, so I would invite my entire class, and people who had to miss it felt awful. And, having always been the Empath that I still am today, I felt even worse for them than they themselves did! I’m still not over it!

its-my-birthday-bitches-t-shirt-1000x1000So, now I live in sunny California, so people getting too sick for my celebrations is not a problem anymore. But having a January birthday still sucks for me because it happens towards the panicky-for-studios end of awards season, which means that when I get packages in the mail, and get all excited that someone actually sent me a birthday present, it turns-out that all of them contain just movie and television DVDs!!! How extremely disheartening. I was so excited on Saturday when I opened the mailbox and saw five giant envelopes, but when I opened them, they were just filled with disappointment. (Don’t get me wrong—I’m very grateful to be privileged enough to see all these movies free. It’s just that it’s depressing to receive them when my first thought upon discovering the packages is that they contain birthday gifts!)

150708Its_my_birthday_Heel__97147.1437634313.380.380So now, if you’re wondering what to get me as a birthday present, to cheer me up, I’d love it if you would please just follow me across my social media platforms.  (In the case of YouTube, it’s subscribe as opposed to follow, of course.) That would be a fabulous gift! I’ve had tons of problems with all of them recently, from my Twitter being hacked—twice!–to the posts on my Facebook Fan Page disappearing all the time, (and then reappearing after I have already re-done each day’s work on there–ugh,) to people following my Instagram and then quickly deleting it when I don’t follow them back, (which I’m sorry about, but I seriously don’t have time for that,) so I’d really appreciate the support from you on any and all of them.

Here’s all the info you need:

Twitter: @MajorCelebrity
Facebook Fan Page: It’s Not About Me TV
Instagram: majorcelebrity
YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCF7mwI2jwcB2xB9dBCBxLZg

Thanks for giving me that birthday gift! I really appreciate it.

That will, indeed, give me a very Happy Birthday this year!



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