Please notice that the day is labeled “Find a Rainbow Day,” not just “Rainbow Day.” I don’t know how long this National Day has been around, but it’s actually perfect for 2020 because every single person in the world needs a rainbow right about now; the lesson in life is that we just have to find one for ourselves.

thumbnail_91299447_10222049256005332_4790165557666119680_oAnd, believe it or not, outside of the people who have lost loved ones to the Coronavirus*, or all their finances because of the crisis, most of us can find the rainbow to the rest of the situation; we just need to look hard enough. *(I feel that there’s almost no rainbow to death, unless it really puts the end to one’s incredible pain.)

But enough sadness. Let me suggest rainbows that you may be able to, hopefully, find today:

~ You got to bond with any of your loved ones to the extent that you never have before.

~ You took much-needed time for yourself, which you never would have done otherwise.

~ You’ve re-evaluated, in a positive way, what you’re doing with your life, and you might wind-up happy to change jobs when this is all over.

~ You did a bit of Spring cleaning, about which you had been procrastinating. (I’m happy to say that I’ve done some of this one, which has been soooo satisfying!)

~ You started exercising, now that you had some time on your hands.

~ You learned a new skill or language.

You just have to find the rainbow for yourself.

images3One that I’ve always hoped would come out of 9/11(but in a different way,*) is that, because of all the staying in the house, a baby will be born who would not have existed otherwise, who will grow-up to cure cancer! How would that be for a rainbow?! *(I hoped that two people would get together because of 9/11, either through losing their spouses or now working together, or any one of the giant possibility of ways, and have that genius baby back then.)

Of course, with all the rain some of our cities have been having recently, we just might be able to find a literal rainbow. And wouldn’t that just be the perfect symbol to show us to have faith, that the current situation will be over soon? I hope we all discover a rainbow today.

And, of course, I wish you all a Happy National Find a Rainbow Day!


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  1. Karen Salkin on

    OMG–right after I published this column today, I walked back into my bedroom and found a rainbow on my pillowcase, from the reflection of the light from my iPad! So I found my own rainbow right away! Way to celebrate, right?

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