I’m a sucker for special, weirdo sort-of days, and tomorrow definitely fills that bill! Any day that shows-up only once every four years is my kind of event.

LeapYear_2_1-1Yes, that’s correct—it’s Leap Day once again! For those of you who don’t know anyone who was born on February 29th, (so you have an excuse for not being familiar with Leap Year,) here’s the skinny on it: this date comes only once every four years. I believe that Julius Caesar (and his astronomers, of course,) came up with the concept in the First Century BC. Its purpose has something to do with making sure that all the seasons stay correct throughout the years because of an extra revolution around the sun every four years. Or something like that. (Scientific stuff is one of my few areas of non-expertise, so you’ll have to look it up for yourselves, if, like me, you were absent that day!)

Of more interest to me, (and I hope to some of you,) is that, coincidentally, this is my twenty-ninth column in the two thousands!!! So, it’s #2,029 for the twenty-ninth day of the second month, which comes only once in four years! Cool, right? I love when stuff like this happens.

Unknown1So, I suggest that we all appreciate this extra day this month. March is coming way too fast this year! I feel like that means it’s almost Christmas again!

And, if you’re a single female, here’s one way to celebrate this Leap Day: The legend is that you can ask a guy to marry you today. Although these days, that can be done on any day! But if you need an excuse, you now have one. You’re welcome.

Legend also has it that, if he refuses, he has to either give you money or buy you something! Not a bad deal. Some Europeans say that the guy has to buy the scorned woman a dozen pairs of gloves, so that she can hide the fact that she doesn’t have an engagement ring from him. That could sort-of make sense, but why the dozen? I don’t get that part.

UnknownMy advice is—ask a rich man to marry you, so that you can get a really good consolation gift! Make this day work for you! (If I hadn’t already spent every dime that Mr. X has ever made, I might try it myself!)

And no matter what you do with those twenty-four extra hours tomorrow, try to at least enjoy them. I’ll be using them to not work!

Happy Leap Day 2020! Let’s celebrate again in 2024!


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